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She smiles when she sees you.
East edge of map.
Vanishes after spoken to.
Beast Speak:
Speaks With:
Yurra, or her projection at least, can be found at the location in Serbule where the player arrives after teleporting from Anagoge Island, due east from Serbule Keep. She will vanish after you speak with her.


Yurra is found east of Serbule Keep, on a stone pedestal near some rocky hills.



Adventurer! I knew you'd arrive here! Old Elmetaph is wonderfully predictable.

Do I know you?

Why, Adventurer, you don't remember me at all? Those Katuri really did rip out all your memories, didn't they? I'm sorry for your loss. And mine! We used to be very close!

What's a Katuri?

They're demons. And you are -- well, you WERE -- a demon hunter. You tracked them for months, only to finally lose a battle. But they didn't just kill you. Oh no... that would have been too nice!

Wait, I'm a demon hunter?

Only one of the very best. You worked for the Council, taking out problems that were too difficult for them to handle through regular channels. But I guess this time you bit off more than you could chew.

We were close?

We've been traveling companions ever since you saved me from a gang of harpies. You were so young then, so naive. I taught you what I could, but you quickly surpassed my skill.

What did you teach me?

Demon-hunting. Oh, the adventures we've had! But I suppose that's all gone forever. Fear not, fear not! We can have new adventures!

Why was I spared by the Katuri?/Why am I still alive, then?

The Katuri corrupted you after you fell. I followed you across the ocean and watched your battle from a safe distance. When I saw you fall, I cried for days. But then I heard your faint mental echo, crying for my help! I raced to find you...

And you found me?

I did. I snuck into the Katuri camp and saw them torturing you. I tried to rescue you, but when you spotted me, you ordered me to leave and save myself. That hurt, Prodigy. That hurt a lot. But I obeyed you. I've always been loyal to a fault.

Why did they torture me?

Demons are creatures of malice. Don't you remember that much? They perverted and twisted your memories, making you into a being of pure hate. Then they set you loose upon the world to destroy everything you once held dear! I had to stop you.

And you stopped me?

With help from my friends, yes. But your mind was too far gone. We had to use the ancient cleansing ritual. I'm sorry, Prodigy... the truth is, though the Katuri are to blame, I'm the one who erased your mind. I had to do it! Do you forgive me?

I understand.

Oh, thank you! It means so much to hear that! But now, my friend, you have a long road ahead. You'll need to re-learn what you need to know. And I can't teach you directly this time.

I can't forgive you

Oh! My poor old heart breaks! You villain, Prodigy! But I understand. I... I forgive you. You can't understand yet. But you will. You'll go out into the world and you'll discover what you need to know.

Why can't you teach me?

Because I'm not really here, dear. I'm talking to you through a projected illusion. I'm in a distant land, trying to take care of some very delicate matters.

I need you to take care of some delicate matters as well. There's a very dangerous man you need to find.

Couldn't you come here and join me?

Council territory is very dangerous for hags. The wizards of the council teach hatred for my kind. You were able to see past their lies, but most aren't as wise as you.

Ah. Well, who's this dangerous man you care about?

It's Dalvos!

Oh, I forgot you lost your memories. Dalvos was a professor at the secret Council University. I'm sure you had classes under him. He disappeared when the university closed. But I think he's nearby!

Why do I care about Dalvos?

Because... oh, Adventurer, this is so difficult to explain. You'll just have to trust me: your old self would have cared.

I'm not my old self anymore. My new self doesn't care.

Then let me make it clearer for you. Dalvos is the reason your country is battling demons.

Hmm... I still don't care.

I can't make you do anything, Adventurer. But I know you better than you know yourself right now. And if you ignore this opportunity to catch Dalvos, you'll regret it.

Ugh, fine. I'll think about it.

Dalvos is responsible for an invading army of demons. He must know a way to stop them. Make him tell you!

Okay. Where is Dalvos?

There's two clues that suggest he's near you. First, his red crystals have been mysteriously appearing. Second, one of his old creations has been spotted in the woods: A species of brains on legs.

Brains on legs? Are they super smart?

No, they're very stupid. I always assumed they were a failed creation. But now hundreds of them are pouring out of the woods north of here. They are appearing faster than they could breed, so he must be making them.

Couldn't someone else be making them?

It's him. very few other people have the skill and the lack of foresight to create new species.

Okay. So where do I start?

(Yurra gives the quests The Red Crystal and Brain Bug Infestation)

I've seen an elf studying one of the big red crystals near here. She probably lives in the walled town. For the brain monsters, head north and see if you can find someone with more information.

Very well.

I'm going to end this illusion now. But we'll talk again very soon!