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Map of Tutorial Cave (click for larger size)
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The Tutorial Cave exit and way back in!

The tutorial has been relocated to the newly-created Anagoge Island, but many quests are similar. The NPCs remain the same, (for the most part), with the the addition of some new ones. Tyler Green and the Megaspider have been relocated to new areas.

Tyler Green can now be found across from Jaime Fatholm at the Inn found located in South Serbule. The Megaspider is now located in the Serbule Crypt.

A simplified version of the Tutorial Cave can be found in the South West (bottom left) area of South Serbule. This simplified version contains the storage chest that was originally in the Tutorial Cave.

The following information is for archive purposes only:

The Tutorial Cave is where you begin your adventure! Note that you can go back to the Tutorial Cave at any point later, and in fact you will have to do so if you'd like to take on the higher level enemies in the hidden section of the cave. You may also want to go back to gain favor with Tyler Green.

Thus, if you feel like it, don't be afraid of running through to the exit. There are many low level foes such as Wolves, Spiders, Pigs and so on just outside the cave, and the view is much nicer!

When to leave the cave?

If you are unsure, here is a checklist of "must haves" before leaving the cave:

  • Drink from the porridge bucket in the room where you first appear in, to get level 1 in Gourmand.
  • Obtain the Charm Rat ability. This is a fun ability that will help you for some time.

Points of Interest

Porridge Bucket (1)

In the very starting area, be sure to drink from the bucket. You will get your first level of theGourmand skill and a very potent regeneration effect that will help you with the foes ahead.

Pedestal Puzzle (2)

As this could be considered a spoiler, follow through Strange Chest/Pedestal Puzzle.

Red Wall (3)

As this could be considered a spoiler, follow through Red Wall.

The Exit Portal (4)

This area contains a portal which will send you into Serbule. New players should follow the path they arrive on to the town of Serbule Keep.

The Megaspider (5)

The Megaspider found here is a strong foe that easily decimates new players. The room past him often spawns spoons, plates, goblets, and sometimes even a shield.

Tyler Green (6)

Tyler Green is found in this part of the cave. After gaining his friendship, Tyler will teach the Shield skill.
He has moved to South Serbule ...

Gajus the Big-Headed (7)

Gajus is a Gorgon abandoned in the Tutorial Cave by Dalvos. She curses players with an abnormally large head if they challenge her and lose. Gajus can now be found on Anagoge Island in the underground passage.

Before you reach Gajus's room, you encounter a room with a small tree growing on a pedestal. It seems to be snowing on the tree. This room is a result of Dalvos experimenting with the Naturesphere.



Riger,Lawara, Yurra, and Tyler Green were once found in this cavern.


Maronesa was trapped here at one point. The Megaspider could also be found in the depths of the cave.


A variety of low level skeletons (Skeleton Archer, Skeleton Guard) populated the cave, although Malnourished Wolfs also made a brief appearance.