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She seems tired, bored, and dirty.
Southeast of the dock on Anagoge Island.
Beast Speak:

That's right, they said I was a general in some army! Sounds unlikely, huh? I do know a whole lot about military fortifications. But that could mean that I was a historian who studied old wars or something.

Lawara is an ex-general who has turned to art in her new, post-amnesia life. She is one of the many who have been placed on Anagoge by the Crones. She dislikes crab meat.


Anagoge Island
Lawara is east by southeast of the dock on Anagoge Island. Lawara is found 30 meters east of the statue of Jarmangar which when clicked on is marked as "Statue of a smug badass", 65 meters east of hte northern Obelisk, and 35 meters northwest of the broken teleport circle, which is marked as "Strange Platform" when clicked on. She is also south of what appears to be a beach area along the northern shore. She is near a small lean-to with a bed underneath it, and a cauldron cooking over a campfire.

Small Talk [view/edit]

  • Likes Art
  • Likes Bones Hint
  • Loves BreadHint



18 slots at [Best Friends].
20 slots at [Like Family].
24 slots at [Soul Mates].

Favor Rewards

Lawara rewards her friends with Storage space and items.

Reward at [Comfortable].

Reward at [Best Friends].

18 slots of general Storage becomes available at [Best Friends].

Hang Out

Sit around and be Lawara's pet (4 hours) [Neutral] - Requires a Beast Form.

There! You're all cleaned! Want to fetch the stick some more? No? Well, that's okay. I need to take a nap anyway, so I guess you can stop being my pet now and go do fun doggie things. Thanks for being such a good friend
35 favor with Lawara
300 XP in your Beast Form

Help carve marionettes (4 hours) [Neutral]

35 favor with Lawara
300 Carpentry XP

Check each other for lice (1 hour) [Neutral]

12 favor with Lawara

Share your experiences with amnesia (2 hours) [Comfortable]

20 favor with Lawara
300 Unarmed XP


Hmph. Another one.

Who are you?

I've decided to call myself Lawara. I don't know my real name. They ripped my brain clean a few years ago.
Well, that sucks.
Yeah. They say I was some sort of military leader. That seems ridiculous though.

Why don't we leave together?

No offense, but you're not my type. And I don't need your help. I can leave whenever I want to. I ...just don't want to.
Why not?
Because I don't remember my name or family or anything. What would I do? At least here I have oats. If I leave I might starve!
It's better to stay here. At least for now.
The rest of the world has got to be better than here!
They told me I was a general in a war. Was I on the winning side?
If I leave, they might lock me up for crimes I don't even remember. Who knows what could happen?
I'll just stay here for now. Maybe I can trigger some more memories somehow. Hey, if you find out anything about me, can you come tell me?

How do I get into that chest over there?

All I know is what a crone told me. I think she was trying to motivate me. She said she'd put the key to my chest inside a training dummy.
That's odd.
Well there's a training dummy over on the other side of the island. But it's magic and can't be damaged. So I guess destroying it is some kind of puzzle.
Any idea how to destroy the training dummy?
[Lawara shrugs] Arrows don't work. Swords don't work. Punching it doesn't work. So I guess you'll need to find a different way to damage it.

Is there anything I can do for you?

I guess if you learn anything about me when you leave the island, can you come tell me?"

Nice Island you've got here.

I suppose. I've been planning to leave soon, though. I'm sick of seafood and the only other thing I can find is barrels of old oats. I'm almost ready to go... now I just have to psych myself up for it.


Winter Celebration
[Friends] Favor -
[Like Family] Favor - 2x , , ,