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The Council Storage Vault in Hogan's Keep.

Storage is the ability to store items permanently (as opposed to items dropped on the ground, which will disappear after some time).

The following forms of storage are available:

Your own backpack's storage capacity can be increased by leveling up Endurance, through certain recipes (such as from Alchemy or Word of Power, but these appears to be temporary effects), and sometimes granted by placing pockets on items via tailoring. Increased inventory space also appears on many pieces of equipment as a part of the random aspect of equipment drops.
Several NPCs now offer storage that scales depending on your favor level, but is often restricted to specific item types
Marna can store anything
Joeh will store equipment (armor, jewelry and weapons)
Sir Arif offers 8 slots of storage at "Close Friends"
Ukorga will store anything
Sie Antry will store anything
Charles Thompson will store potions
Agrashab will store anything
Tadion will store anything starting at "Like Family" level, with 36 slots
Jumper in Sun Vale's Animal Town offers Storage only for players in animal form.
Council Vault
Hulon offers expandable storage. Additional vault storage slots can be bought at increasing prices. This storage is accessible in other zones through the Dilapidated Council Storage Machine (see list below).
Usable chests can be found throughout the world. These chests have to be earned through a puzzle, or favor. See Storage Chest (spoilers!). An early example is a chest found on Anagoge.

Account Storage

Account storage allows storing and retrieving items between your characters on the same account. Currently the chest in Hulon's building serves that purpose.

List of Council Storage Machines

In Serbule Keep, the vault is accessed through Hulon.
Hogan's Keep.
Kur Mountains
Northern Outpost, in Gurki's house.
Towards the ocean side of town.

Zone Storage Access Points

In certain zones, you can access all of your storage in that zone from a particular access point.

A bookshelf in the building next to Hulon's shop.
Kur Mountains
A table near Nightshade.
A table near Ichin the Ice Master.

Item Search Command

Typing "/isearch sword" into the chat bar will search all your storage vaults, chests, and NPC storage for items with the word "sword" in their name - and tell you what and where those items are. You can use "/isearch" by itself for more instructions.

Cost of Vault Slots

Additional Storage vault slots can be bought from Hulon in Serbule.

Prices increase rapidly: the 25th slot costs 900 gold, the 49th slot costs 8000 gold.

Known Storage


  • Sturdy Old Chest


  • Transfer Chest by Hulon

Serbule Sewers

Serbule Crypt

  • Khyrulek Chest

Crystal Cavern

  • Dalvos's Abandoned Storage Chest


Kur Mountains

Sun Vale

Winter Nexus

  • Storage Chest



South Serbule