Tyler Green

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Tyler Green
Beast Speak:
Skill Trainer:

I was a shield-bearer for a knight or general or something. I don't remember how to use a sword, but I do remember how to use a shield really well.

Tyler Green is an older Human living in the Serbule Hills. As a retired warrior and shield-fighter, Tyler may be willing to impart knowledge of the Shield skill. His heroic career ended when Goblins captured him at a bar in the Sedgewick Forest and enslaved him to work in a Saltpeter mine. Eventually escaping his captors, Tyler returned to a ransacked home and began to seek out his prized shield collection. After some traveling, Tyler traveled to the Serbule Hills to plot his revenge against the Goblin camps in the area. While he has explored some of the area, he spends most of his time at the local bar.


Serbule Hills
The Tapestry Inn, a building in the Northwest.

Items Purchased [1]

Tyler Green/Items purchased

Spending Limits [2]

Tyler Green/Spending limits

Small Talk [3]

  • Loves Gently-Used Shields
  • Likes Armor Repair Kits Hint
  • Likes Ability Recipe Books
  • Loves Citrus Fruits Hint



At [Comfortable]
Teaches Shield. Hint
At [Like Family]
Gives you Tyler's Ring


Tyler Green offers storage when you reach a [Best Friends] level of friendship. He allows the storage of Equipment.

Storage - [Best Friends]
28 slots at [Best Friends].
32 slots at [Like Family].
36 slots at [Soul Mates].


Tyler Green has the distinction of being the NPC who has shifted locations the greatest number of times. First he was in the Tutorial Cave, then moved to Eltibule, and finally to Serbule Hills.