Sedgewick Forest

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Sedgewick Forest is a region bordering Eltibule that was once ruled by the Sedgewick family. When the current Lord Sedgewick turned against the Council, he sold the region to the local Goblin clans and fled the forthcoming wrath of the Council with the help of the goblins. In-fighting between the various Goblin Clans soon begun, and some Goblins fled the region. (Urzab).

There is an isolated Elf colony known as the Thentree living in Sedgewick Forest. The armor they wear is designed based on an older style once popular in the Elven homeland of Verta.

Wasn't too long ago that Serbule was just a little inn and a port, nothin' else. The elves that live in Sedgewick Forest would travel to the docks every month to get supplies from Verta. The goblin blockade put an end to that, though. Now there's not many customers at all.

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