Durstin Tallow

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Durstin Tallow
Middle-aged and hardy.
The Tapestry Inn bar counter.
Beast Speak:
Speaks With:
All, but Scary animals must bribe.
Skill Trainer:

Welcome to the Tapestry Inn. All are welcome here. Care for a bite to eat? Wait... you're one of them vagrant adventurers, right? I have some work for an adventurer.

Durstin Tallow is the proprietor of the Tapestry Inn, the only half-decent place to eat in the Serbule Hills region. His now-deceased wife Samantha was an artist. He frequently mentions his fond memories of her.


Serbule Hills
Durstin is the proprietor of the Tapestry Inn, and is found tending the counter daily. The Tapestry Inn is found just south from the portal leading to Serbule along the path.


Through his inn, Durstin offers a small selection of breakfast meals, ingredients, and some common supplies.

Items Sold[view/edit]

 57 councils   [Neutral] 
 56 gold councils   [Neutral] 
 154 gold councils   [Neutral] 
 5 for 37 gold councils   [Neutral] 
 5 for 37 gold councils   [Neutral] 
 5 for 7 gold councils   [Neutral] 
 250 gold councils   [Neutral] 
 5 for 75 gold councils   [Neutral] 
 20 gold councils   [Neutral] 
 60 gold councils   [Neutral] 
 120 gold councils   [Neutral] 
 25 gold councils   [Neutral] 
 50 gold councils   [Neutral] 

Items Purchased [view/edit]

  • Food
  • Cooking Ingredients

Spending Limits [view/edit]

Favor Level Cap Per Item Weekly Pool
Neutral 50 2,500
Comfortable 50 2,500
Friends 100 5,000
Close Friends 200 10,000
Best Friends 20,000
Like Family
Soul Mates 600 30,000


Small Talk [view/edit]

  • Loves Figurines Hint
  • Likes Ivory Hint
  • Likes Calligraphy Recipe Scrolls Hint

Favor Rewards

Durstin Tallow rewards his friends with free meals.

Reward at [Comfortable].


Reward at [Friends].

Thanks. Hey, somebody left these potions in the bunkhouse a while back. Didn't pay their bar tab, so I confiscated 'em. You want 'em?


Hang Outs

*Help Durstin prepare tomorrow's food (60 minutes)

15 Favor
Recipe for Scrambled Egg


What can I do for you today?

You mentioned needing an adventurer?

Yeah, I have some adventure for ya. Pays well too.

Times are hard so I've been trying to sell what I can. My friend Fitz has a buyer lined up for my wife's copy of 'Leeka and the Blade Trials'. It's just a dumb adventure novel, but it's a signed first edition. The author used to visit the inn in happier times and gave it to my wife as a gift. Trouble is, it was ripped to bits. I need you to get all the pieces back.

If it's all torn up, it doesn't sound like it'd be worth much...

Ah see, that's where it gets interesting. There's an elf in Verta who claims to have written it. But I knew the author...and she's a half human, not an elf. Hard to confuse the two! And this lying elf in Verta has lots of enemies. They're willing to pay a fortune for proof that he didn't write this book. It doesn't matter the book's condition because sages can test the ink or somethin'. But I need as much of the book as I can find.

So how did it get torn up?

[Durstin's eye twitches. He sighs.] This author was a close friend of Samantha's. Sam was very sick the last time this horn visited... sorry, I'm tryin' not to use that slur anymore. I mean this half-human. And she and I... look, I can't talk about this. And it's not important. What's important is that it's my fault.

I threatened to burn the book. You can judge me if you want, I don't care. It was the worst time of my life, watching Samantha die, and I made a lot of mistakes. I was just bluffing about burning it, honest, but her friends hid all the chapters to keep them from me.

Wow. Well, okay, how do I find the chapters?

I went through Sam's diary the other day to try and figure out who was involved in hiding it. Most of 'em have fled to safer places, but I'm hoping they left the chapters behind. I'll pay you in Councils for each chapter you find. [Click the 'favors' menu for more.]

I'll look into it.

When you've returned all six chapters to Durstin, he has one final special reward to show his gratitude.

You got all six chapters. Thank you. It means a lot to me.

I'll be honest: I doubt I'll make much money from selling this book -- and definitely not enough money to warrant all the work you went through! I'm actually doing it for Gaurana, the author of the book. She's... well, she deserves the credit for her work. Some fuckin' elf is saying he wrote all the Leeka stories, and it isn't right! This will help put things right. And then, hopefully I can put my past behind me.

Here. I found these when I was looking through my wife's stuff. Gaurana gave these to us as a gag gift. I guess they're a recipe from that novel or something. They taste like shit, but they never go bad, so I figured maybe you can use 'em. Thanks again.

  • You're welcome


Durstin is happy to train adventurers in the art of Cooking. However, it may be easier to learn some recipes from other teachers, as Durstin is rather particular about whom he shares his knowledge with.

Recipe Level Cost Favor
Recipe:  18    1065 councils   [Friends] 
Recipe:  28    1733 councils   [Close Friends] 
Recipe:  48    4733 councils   [Like Family] 
Recipe Level Cost Favor
Recipe:  3    80 councils   [Neutral] 
Recipe:  4    240 councils   [Neutral] 
Recipe:  5    280 councils   [Comfortable] 
Recipe:  6    320 councils   [Comfortable] 
Recipe:  7    360 councils   [Friends] 
Recipe:  8    400 councils   [Friends] 
Recipe:  9    440 councils   [Friends] 
Recipe:  10    480 councils   [Close Friends] 
Recipe:  10    480 councils   [Close Friends] 
Recipe:  11    520 councils   [Close Friends] 
Recipe:  12    560 councils   [Best Friends] 
Recipe:  13    600 councils   [Best Friends] 
Recipe:  17    760 councils   [Best Friends] 
Recipe:  19    860 councils   [Best Friends] 
Recipe:  20    920 councils   [Like Family] 
Recipe:  24    1160 councils   [Like Family] 



Durstin Tallow offers Consignment at [Friends].
Mark-up fee of ?%, stocking fee of ???.


Winter Celebration
[Friends] Favor - x10
[Like Family] Favor - ???


What can I do for you today?

So where's all the tapestries, anyway?

The wife died, so I sold 'em. Never liked the damned things, they just collected dust and fleas. In fact I threw a lot of junk out. Makes for a roomier dinin' experience.

But why'd you keep the name?

You don't go changing the name of an establishment over something as minor as an interior-decor change! Anyways, mind your own business.

I'm sorry to upset you.

Good woman. Stubborn as a mule. She's how I ended up here, of all places. But that's a story for another time. Want something to eat?

What have you got?