Durstin Tallow

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Durstin Tallow
Middle-aged and hardy.
Serbule Hills
Beast Speak:

Welcome to the Tapestry Inn. All are welcome here. Care for a bite to eat?

Durstin Tallow is the proprietor of the Tapestry Inn, the only half-decent place to eat in the Serbule Hills region. His now-deceased wife Samantha was an artist. He frequently mentions his fond memories of her.

What can I do for you today?

So where's all the tapestries, anyway?

The wife died, so I sold 'em. Never liked the damned things, they just collected dust and fleas. In fact I threw a lot of junk out. Makes for a roomier dinin' experience.

But why'd you keep the name?

You don't go changing the name of an establishment over something as minor as an interior-decor change! Anyways, mind your own business.

I'm sorry to upset you.

Good woman. Stubborn as a mule. She's how I ended up here, of all places. But that's a story for another time. Want something to eat?

What have you got?


Serbule Hills
Standing at the counter of the Tapestry Inn, one of the buildings towards the center of the map.

Items Purchased

  • Food
  • Mushrooms
  • Phlogiston

Spending Limits

Favor Level Cap Per Item Weekly Pool
Close Friends 200 10,000
Best Friends 20,000
Like Family
Soul Mates 600 30,000


 Through his inn, Durstin offers a small selection of breakfast meals, ingredients, and some common supplies.
None Plain Porridge 9 gold
None Flatbread 56 gold
None Scrambled Egg 154 gold
Salt Salt(5) 37 gold
Flour Flour(5) 37 gold
Sugar Sugar(5) 7 gold
Knife Butcher Knife 250 gold
None Fuel Oil(5) 75 gold


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 ??? councils   [Comfortable] 
 ??? councils   [???] 
 ??? councils   [???] 
 ??? councils   [???] 
 ??? councils   [???] 
 ??? councils   [Close Friends] 
 ??? councils   [Close Friends] 
 ??? councils   [Close Friends] 
 ??? councils   [???] 
 ??? councils   [Best Friends] 
 ??? councils   [Best Friends] 
 750 councils   [Best Friends] 
 850 councils   [Best Friends] 
 ??? councils   [???] 
 ??? councils   [Like Family] 
 ??? councils   [Like Family] 

Small Talk

  • Loves Figurines Hint
  • Likes Ivory Hint
  • Likes Calligraphy Recipe Scrolls

Hang Out

  • Help Durstin prepare tomorrow's food (60 minutes)
15 Favor
Recipe for Scrambled Egg