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Gourmand 0
Unleavened bread. Not super tasty by itself, but good in sandwiches. (This is a snack. Snacks stack with meal foods; you can eat one of each and get the benefits of both.)
Max Power +5
Health Regen +26 per update
Power Regen +10 per update
Health Regen +2 per update (in combat)
Power Regen +3 per update (in combat)
Metabolism Regen +1 per update
Lasts 1 hour (plus Gourmand bonus)
Snack Level 5
Value: 30

How to Obtain

Producing with Recipes

Lvl Name Ingredients Results
5 Flatbread icon_5041.png Flour x3
icon_5013.png Salt x2
icon_5468.png Sugar x1
icon_5010.png Bottle of Water x1
icon_5126.png Flatbread x1
icon_5009.png Empty Bottle x1

Obtaining through Bartering


Vendor Location
Durstin Tallow Serbule Hills


This item has not been submitted by an editor as loot, or may not exist as loot


Quest Rewards


Other Ways to Obtain


Using in Recipes

Lvl Name Ingredients Results
13 Leftover Turkey Sandwich icon_5225.png Bland Baked Turkey x1
icon_5126.png Flatbread x1
icon_6297.png Cranberries x1
icon_5128.png Leftover Turkey Sandwich x2
20 Lungfish Roll icon_5865.png Lungfish Fillet x1
icon_5103.png Cabbage x1
icon_5004.png Field Mushroom x1
icon_5126.png Flatbread x1
icon_5867.png Lungfish Roll x2
20 Cranberry-Turkey Sandwich icon_5223.png Raw Turkey x1
icon_6297.png Cranberries x1
icon_5126.png Flatbread x1
icon_5128.png Cranberry-Turkey Sandwich x1
32 Crab Roll icon_5126.png Flatbread x2
icon_5033.png Crab Meat x5
icon_5622.png Lemon x1
icon_5794.png Butter x1
icon_5319.png Crab Roll x2
36 Casino Breakfast icon_5390.png Banana x2
icon_5118.png Grapes x1
icon_5126.png Flatbread x1
icon_5337.png Sharp Cheddar Cheese x1
icon_5822.png Casino Breakfast x2
52 Orcish Snack Plate icon_5126.png Flatbread x1
icon_5338.png Cottage Cheese x1
icon_6207.png Great Pork Shoulder x1
icon_5706.png Honey x1
icon_5707.png Almonds x1
icon_5708.png Orcish Snack Plate x2
57 Disappointing Corn Surprise icon_5726.png Corn x1
icon_5794.png Butter x1
icon_5126.png Flatbread x1
icon_5933.png Disappointing Corn Surprise x1
Fae (Race Skill)
Lvl Name Ingredients Results
7 Turn Food Into Crystal Ice Food or Drink x1
Ice Conjuration
Lvl Name Ingredients Results
1 Freeze Food Into Crystal Ice Food or Drink x1


NPC Location Preferences
Lawara Anagoge Island Loves (Bread Dishes : 108*)
Marna Serbule Keep in Serbule Loves (Vegetarian Dishes : 108*)
Eleme The Fairy Tree in Sun Vale Likes (Vegetarian Dishes : 108*)
Fainor Serbule Keep in Serbule Likes (Prepared Foods : 81*)
Raul Animal Town in Sun Vale Likes (Vegetarian Dishes : 108*)
Laura Neth The Outpost in Northwestern Kur Likes (Edible Items)
Mandibles Red Wing Casino Likes (Cooking Ingredients)
Floxie The Fel-Dasculan Ruins in the Fae Realm Likes (Vegetarian Dishes : 108*)
Elahil Serbule Keep in Serbule Likes (Prepared Foods : 81*)
Sir Arif Serbule Crypt in Serbule Likes (Prepared Foods : 81*)
Likes (Edible Items)
Ivyn Ivyn's Farm in Serbule Likes (Prepared Foods : 81*)
Hulon the Hoarder Serbule Keep in Serbule Likes (Prepared Foods : 81*)
Mushroom Jack Serbule Keep in Serbule Dislikes (Prepared Foods : 81*)
Rita Serbule Keep in Serbule Dislikes (Food Items)
Alravesa the All-Hunter Amulna in Ilmari Hates (Edible Items)
Velkort Serbule Keep in Serbule Hates (Prepared Foods : 81*)
Jaime Fatholm The Tapestry Inn in Serbule Hills Hates (Prepared Foods : 81*)
Flia East of Serbule Keep in Serbule Hates (Edible Items)

*Flatbread has an effective value different from its base value (30) when gifted as a member of this item category.

Bartering Uses



Direct Consumption

Ability Consumption


Quest Fulfillment

Work Order

Turn in 10x Flatbread to Fitz the Boatman for 656 councils. Requires Industry Level 0.

Other Uses