Animal Town

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Animal Town
"Animal Town is run by animals, for animals." - Raul.
Region: Sun Vale
File:Animal Town(map).png
Map of Animal Town (click for larger size)
This is Animal Town! Druids helped us make it! It's for animals that can talk and think good.


Animal Town is a hidden refuge populated by various species of talking animals. Some of the residents are Awakened, while others are were-creatures, or were granted intelligence by unknown methods. Humans, Rakshasa, Orcs, Fairies, and Elves are forbidden from entering the town, and will be forcibly removed by the deadly Summoned Guardians. Druids are tolerated by some of the residents, but tend to avoid the town out of respect. Spot is the acting mayor of the town, and sets the rules.

Rule 1: No fighting in Animal Town! And no eating other animals that live here!
Rule 2: Everybody has to help with jobs. When you live here I'll give you jobs. Like: help get new hay, or help watch for frog men, or help catch fish.



The Druids of Sun Vale helped construct the town for the animals.

Raul was once the mayor of Animal Town, but turned the position over to Spot.

The Inhabitants of Animal Town, as described by Spot


"Daisy is my friend from back home. She knew Master too! I was Master's pet, and Daisy was Master's familiar. That means she's really smart."


"Jumper loves Daisy. And he can talk, so he lives here too. He eats too many drugs, but it's okay."


"The scary bug with a hat is from some other place. He's allowed to stay because Daisy says bugs are animals. He wants to help, but he doesn't help very much. But I like him because he tries hard."

Raul & Norbert

"Raul is a bull! he lives here too! And there's Norbert, he's good at farming."

The Inhabitants of Animal Town, as described by Raul


" Ah, Spot. Spot is... very special. She was once a hound, and she still seems a bit dog-like. She has a hound's sense of smell. And she's a bit... impulsive. The druids like her, though, and accept her as our spokesperson. However, this has created some confusion. We've had to protect her from a few elves and even some humans that wanted to mount her. She's flattered by the attention and doesn't mind at all, but... it feels wrong.

She is our figurehead leader because the Ranalons respect Humans. Ranalons are those frog-like creatures that live near here. They constantly attacked us, even though I killed dozens of them. You see, bulls are food to them, and I was just a challenging meal. But humans... humans are more dangerous. Eventually they stayed away. We have a kind of truce now.

I just wish I could convince Spot to wear human garments when she's doing diplomatic work! I've got her to cover her teats and haunch like humans do, but I've given up on the other garments. She does a good job with the day-to-day tasks."


"Daisy is a brilliant doe. And don't let her shyness fool you: she can be quite aggressive when she wants something! I understand that she managed to cast the Awakening on Jumper to give him his intelligence. Quite a feat without hands! She says that her old master helped prepare a version for her, but even so, it's quite impressive.

I can't say I approve of animals being Awakened, especially by other animals. It suggest that her understanding of morality is a bit off. But she at least tries to be kind."


"Jumper is a decent buck and I'm glad he's here. He's also a terrific warrior when he's not drugged out of his antlers... which is very rare, I am sorry to report."


"Norbert wasn't Awakened like I was. I do not understand how he came to be intelligent. But anyway, Norbert and I have a long history, and we are friends.

I suppose that I must warn you that Norbert's seems to have trouble understanding the nuances of morality. Sometimes he does what's convenient instead of what is right. But aside from that, he is a good pig. He's honest and sincere, and those are good qualities in a talking pig."


"The werewolf? He is a newcomer to our town. But he's welcome here as long as he stays a wolf. It makes him laugh when we say that we are more afraid of his human form than his wolf form."


"I am uncomfortable around the spider. Perhaps I remember all the spider-familiars I saw back at the mage academy. Spiders don't think the same way we do. But spiders are welcome here as long as they obey our laws."


"I suppose she is some sort of fairy were-bee: for a while she seemed to be a fae bee, but now she is a fairy. We should really kick her out, since fairies aren't allowed here... but she became so distraught that we haven't brought ourselves to kick her out yet."


"My strange new friend Yavazek is quite a clever fellow. I sense there is more to his story than he admits, but I do not wish to pry."






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