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She smiles nervously at you and then walks on.
Near the garden.
Beast Speak:
Speaks With:
All if animal form for 3+ hours
Skill Trainer:

Hi. I-it-it's hard t-t-to talk t-t-to strangers. B-but welcome!

Daisy is a criminally shy doe that plods around..shyly. She has a knack for making drugs Bounceweed, which her husband Jumper enjoys a bit too much. She has been working to reduce the addictiveness of her concoctions. Before reaching Animal Town, Daisy used the Awakening on Jumper with the help of her former master.

As a resident of Animal Town, Daisy is only willing to hold conversations with characters that have transformed into a Beast Form over 180 real-world minutes prior to the conversation attempt. If you lose track of the time you last transformed, Norbert is willing to tell you how long you have until the other residents will tolerate talking with you.


Sun Vale
Found in Animal Town.


Small Talk [view/edit]

  • Likes Potions Hint
  • Loves Alchemy Recipes Hint
  • Likes Phlogiston, Fire Dust, Sulfur, and Saltpeter Hint

Hang Outs

Oh, um okay. We c-can hang out!

Help Daisy mix some chemicals (3h) [Comfortable]

I-it's s-so h-hard to do alchemy w-with h-hooves! I e-envy h-humans so much! B-but y-you really helped. Thanks. Take t-this.

27 [favor] with Daisy

Help Daisy brew and test a new batch of bounceweed (8h)

Oh man, I think mine's wearing off. Is yours wearing off, too? Well, thank you so much for helping me make it!

Bounceweed helps me with my stuttering problem, that's why I take it. And I admit it's pretty fun, too! B-but it's addictive, s-so I t-try... d-damn it! I-it's back. Daisy sighs. G-g-goodbye for n-n-now.

Requires completing Hang Out 'Help Daisy mix some chemicals'
65 [favor] with Daisy
x 4

Help Daisy try new strains of bounceweed (8h) [Close Friends]

I loved being Monte's familiar. He even secretly let me apprentice under him. Yeah, an apprentice deer! I focused on alchemy mainly. But one day Monte went catatonic. Maybe he backfired a spell... I don't know. I tried to counterspell it, but I was useless. I fled, leaving Spot behind to tent to his body. Because we all know what happens to familiars who outlive their wizards!

His lasting gift to me was the Awakening I cast on Jumper. He'd helped me prepare a version of the ritual I could cast. It was a one-time thing, but it worked! Jumper was my old crush back when I was just a normal deer. And now we're happy together! I g-guess t-that... oh d-d-damn. My st-stutter is b-back. W-well, I h-hope your dose lasts l-longer! I want to go check on Jumper.. g-goodbye!

Requires completing Hang Out 'Help Daisy brew and test a new batch of bounceweed'
65 [favor] with Daisy
Gain a 15 minute Bounceweed buff: All animal attacks deal +30 damage

Help Daisy improve her bounceweed formula (8h)

I don't agree with Raul on that. I mean, yes, normal animals can't give consent to be Awakened, but very few Awakened animals want to go back to being dumb! Mostly we just want to be allowed to live with other sentients. Oh, and not be slaves. And Jumper isn't my slave, because I didn't perform the ritual of Binding after I Awakened him. So he's not my apprentice -- he's just my loving husband.

Oh, look at the time. Thank you for your help today! I'm going to go talk these changes over with Yavazek before my bounceweed wears off. My next batch should be amazing!

Unknown requirements inlcuding completing the Hang Out 'Help Daisy try new strains of bounceweed'
65 [favor] with Daisy
x 2
Gain a 15 minute Bounceweed buff: All animal attacks deal +10 damage

Help Daisy brew an experimental batch of super-bounceweed (8h)- Requires a Deer

That feels good... is that your tongue? I think I'm in love. Ha ha! No, d-d-don't stop. ... wait, I think I'm c-coming down f-finally: my s-stutter is c-coming back. Seriously, is that your tongue o-or... oh no. What have we done? Stop it! Stop! Look at us! We... we had sex!

Oh no! Oh no! What will we do?! T-take the r-rest of this super b-bounceweed and g-go!

A p-p-please d-don't t-tell Jumper! I kn-know we have an 'o-open m-m-marriage' b-but he'll still b-be d-devastated. Please? He'll sm-smell me on your f-fur. Don't even t-talk to him! Just s-stay a-away from him for a d-day. Please! Oh, I'm so s-sorry!

Requires completing Hang Out 'Help Daisy brew and test a new batch of bounceweed'
80 [favor] with Daisy
x 3
Augmented Bounceweed buff
Post-Coital Bliss buff



Unlock Skill Level Cost Favor
Error: Item not foundRecipe: icon_6243.png Trollbane Oil  25    1633 councils   [Comfortable] 
Error: Item not foundRecipe: icon_5544.png Bounceweed  12    1133 councils   [Friends] 
Error: Item not foundRecipe: icon_5545.png Northern Bounceweed  24    1600 councils   [Close Friends] 
Error: Item not foundRecipe: icon_5546.png Pure Bounceweed  36    3000 councils   [Best Friends] 
Error: Item not foundRecipe: icon_5548.png Augmented Bounceweed  48    4733 councils   [Like Family] 


Winter Celebration
[Friends] Favor -
[Like Family] Favor - x4 and
2-3 items which may include: , , , (Lv30), ,