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She smiles nervously at you and then walks on.
Beast Speak:
Be in animal form for 3+ hours
Skill Trainer:

Hi. I-it-it's hard t-t-to talk t-t-to strangers. B-but welcome!

Daisy is a criminally shy doe that plods around..shyly. She has a knack for making drugs Bounceweed, which her husband Jumper enjoys a bit too much. She has been working to reduce the addictiveness of her concoctions. Before reaching Animal Town, Daisy used the Awakening on Jumper with the help of her former master.


Sun Vale
Found in Animal Town.

Small Talk [view/edit]

  • Likes Potions Hint
  • Loves Alchemy Recipes Hint
  • Likes Fire Dust, Sulfur, and Saltpeter Hint



Bounceweed - [Friends], Northern Bounceweed - [Close Friends], Pure Bounceweed - [Best Friends], Augmented Bounceweed - [Like Family]

Hang Out

Help Daisy mix some chemicals (3h)

Requires [Comfortable]
27 favor

Help Daisy brew and test a new batch of bounceweed (8h)

Requires completing Hang Out 'Help Daisy mix some chemicals'
65 favor
4 Bounceweed

Help Daisy try new strains of bounceweed (8h)

Requires [Close Friends] and completing Hang Out 'Help Daisy brew and test a new batch of bounceweed'
65 favor
Gain a 15 minute Bounceweed buff: All animal attacks deal +30 damage