Serbule Hills

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Serbule Hills
Map of Serbule Hills (click for larger size)
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Serbule Hills Logging Camp.jpeg
The northeast logging camp, now overrun by goblins.

Serbule Hills is a region south of Serbule, but still part of what was once the Duchy of Serbule. Logging camps and large farms provided Serbule with a steady flow of raw materials to export and trade with. After the Goblin Clans in Sedgewick Forest invaded, most of the farmers and loggers were driven away. After the Goblin incursion began, an infestation of Ranalons appeared in the regions' central lakes. Both factions desire the land, fighting not just each other, but traveling merchants and Adventurers.

Neighboring Regions

Points of Interest

The Tapestry Inn

An inn surrounded by a stables and the innkeeper's house. Inside is the innkeeper, Durstin Tallow, waitress and lute player Rappanel as well as Tyler Green (the shield trainer) and Jaime Fatholm (the survey trainer).

Abandoned Farms

The fertile soil of the Serbule Hills has attracted many farmers, most who have abandoned their farm grounds after the Goblin and Ranalon invasions.

Twin Lakes

Two lakes considered the center of the Serbule Hills region. Both have become infested with Ranalon. Guard Scray guard the shores, and various Ranalon structures have been constructed around them.

Control Bowl

These Ranalon constructed platforms are used as an otherworldly teleportation network. Adventurers have spotted many such bowls around the Serbule Hills. Gazing into one, you notice strange swirling symbols.

Logging Camps

The forests of Serbule Hills were once used by the Council as a source of lumber. Now, Goblins from Sedgewick Forest have taken over the camps.

Teleportation Circles

There are 4 Council constructed Teleportation Circles in the Serbule Hills region.

  • Behind the Tapestry Inn, to the East.
  • Found in the Northeast Woods.
  • Inside the fortress to the Southwest.
  • At the central southern edge of the map.

There are two mushroom circles in Serbule Hills.

  • In the far northeastern corner.
  • In the southwest, nestled between two hills.


There are 5 Meditation Pillars in the Serbule Hills region. The provided Meditation Combos are:

  • Nervewreck - Southwest from the Tapestry Inn.
  • Pow - Alongside Gershok at the northern lake.
  • Crowd Surprise - Near the northeast teleport pad.
  • Crushing Cobra - Southeastern pillar.
  • Hamstringer - Southwestern pillar.


Serbule Hills Spider Cave

Found in northern Serbule Hills, this small cave system is home to a variety of spider species. The carnivorous plant species Biting Vine can also be encountered here. Local adventurers once used this cave to test their strength, however few have returned alive in recent years. Faint mechanical sounds deep in the cave have resulted in a rumor being spread at the local Inn that the cave hides a Council facility.

Anagoge Records Facility

The Anagoge Records Facility is a training, storage, and records facility once maintained by the once prestigious Stronmar Academy. The facility was constructed under the ocean between the storm-blown Island of Anagoge and the mainland of the Serbule region. An escape route from the facility leading into the Serbule Hills Spider Cave has been the source of many rumors.

Ranalon Den

The Ranalon Den is an underwater cave system inhabited and further-excavated by an invading Ranalon population. The underwater entrance can be found by following a set of stairs on the southern shore of the northern lake of Serbule Hills.

Serbule Hills Inhabitants

Friendly NPCs

  • Bertha, Gertie, Penelope, Princess (Cows) Hint

Event NPCs

There are no Event related NPCs in Serbule Hills

Friendly NPCs in Serbule Hills Dungeons


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