Ranalon Den

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Ranalon Den
Ranalon Den (map).png
Map of Ranalon Den (click for larger size)
Connects to
Area Level
15 - 20
Ranalon DenPlayerMap.png
Map by BetaNotus (5/19)

The Ranalon Den is a cave system in Serbule Hills currently inhabited by an invading Ranalon population.


Can be found by going to the northern Ranalon lake in Serbule Hills and following the stairs from the shore into the water (the entrance is under water).

Points of Interest

Storage Chests

Throughout the Ranalon Den, storage chests containing Ranalon valuables can be looted if one possesses a
. Each chest can be looted once every three hours.

Puddle Shells

Puddle Shells are stone bowls shaped to resemble shells, filled with water and sometimes plants. They are a common sight throughout the Ranalon Den.


There are numerous scrolls obtainable in the Ranalon Den. They are NOT random drops off the trash mobs. You obtain them by killing the Boss (Doctrine Keeper) or by completing Chirrra's quests. So far it looks like every 8-10 quests will get you a random scroll. The boss will sometimes drop a scroll, but you can only get the possibility of one dropping every couple of hours.

Ranalon Den Inhabitants








          (Found as Pickling Jar)
          (Found as Brine Jar)