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Seems angry.
Found in the first chamber.
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Finally! An evil human, come to destroy us! It took you long enough! I am four years old! I have lived here in this cave for four years! But fine, you are here now. And I want to help you do it!

Chirrra is a female Ranalon who has envisioned an unusual future for her species. While most Ranalon are determined to breed and conquer new lands, Chirrra wishes for the downfall of her brethren.


Ranalon Den
Chirrra is always found near the entrance from Serbule Hills, but likes to wander.


Chirrra does not have [Favor Level] levels.


Chirrra offers a selection of short quests intended for individuals to complete. After accepting one quest, you must wait 15 minutes until she is willing to grant you another task, provided that you completed the previous one. In the future, Chirrra will offer group quests. You can have one solo and one group quest from Chirrra at a time.

Chirrra Quests by Tier
Tier 1 Tier 2 Tier 3


Chirrra does not directly train skills, but offers several Shamanic Infusion, Calligraphy, Alchemy and Cooking recipes as random rewards from her quests. (These scrolls also available as occasional loot for killing the Doctrine-Keeper every 3 hours.)


I mean that I will help you to kill us all! That's why you're here, right? You're the evil druid invader I've been expecting for so long. And I'm quite ready to help you kill us all. This place has it coming.

Why do you want to help me?

Because... I don't even know if I can explain it to an outsider. I feel wronged. Isn't that enough? Come on, let's begin the evil!

Okay, what did you have in mind?
First I need to know why you're angry. Try to summarize it for me.

I'm a breeder. Or, I should be. I was chosen as a breeder at adulthood. It's an incredible honor! But we soon realized that I'm damaged.

You can't breed?

Of course I can breed! Well, I suppose I've never actually tried... but no, my damage is in the brain. I have a very poor memory retention. Since Ranalons are born pre-knowing the exact knowledge of their mothers, that means all of my children would be idiots, because I've already forgotten more than half of what my mother knew.

You have my condolences.

I could still have been a non-breeding mage just fine. Maybe I don't remember every single spell, but I can still shape stone and melt goblins! But no! Once a breeder, always a breeder. I'm kept as an emergency backup in case literally every other mage-breeder dies! In the mean time, I'm a prisoner. A prisoner that my brethren mock.

You've never been outside?

Breeders don't go topside except on supervised walks right before we lay. We memorize as many landmarks and current details as we can, and then pass that on to our eggs. I've accompanied real breeders on their walks before. So I've seen your stupid land. It's not impressive, but it's still better than here.

So do you...want me to help you escape?

I don't need help escaping! But I'd just die. I'm on a foreign continent! Who would I flee to? The goblins? The humans? That would be suicide. That's the curse of being born in a takeover den. It's all Enoyos's fault.

This is a takeover den? What's that?
Okay, I get the idea. What's your plan to fight back?

I'll answer your stupid questions later! First you must promise me I can get my revenge!

Are you really sure you want to kill your fellow ranalons?

I've come to believe that the Goal is immoral. The Goal itself! So yes. I want to kill my 'fellow ranalons,' because everyone here is an embarrassment to the species. We're all descended from a handful of egg-layers that flew in on a waterspout! We're inbred and inept. I don't want true ranalon society to die, but this outpost of zealots hell-bent on achieving the Goal at all costs? Yeah, it can die.

So you'll fight alongside me?

I was thinking I'd help you indirectly. I can give you missions! I'll send you to wherever we're weakest. And I've been gathering valuable items! In exchange for killing my brethren, I'll give you one of these items. I've been writing down ranalon techniques too... maybe I'll give you some of those as well. I have lots of ideas for missions and lots of rewards, so let's get to it!

Okay. We can try that. What's the first mission?

Head into the legling training area. Go past the gardening practice area. When the path forks, go left to find the clubbers. They're born knowing how to fight, but they need to build up their muscle mass and train their coordination. So now is the time to strike, while they're weak!



I have questions about your background...

I didn't expect an evil human to be inquisitive... that's weird. But yes, I will answer. What's your question?

Why are you helping me?
What is this place?
This is a Ranalon den. A takeover den, to be specific: our god Enoyos collected some ranalon eggs in a waterspout and hurled them deep inland. We get to make inroads towards our Goal, and Enoyos maintains plausible deniability to the other gods.
So you're here to takeover Serbule Hills?
To start, yes. We'll grow and spread until we meet other takeover dens. Eventually we'll subjugate enough of the continent that a real ranalon force can be transported here: military, assault weapons, royalty, the works. Takeover dens are just the first wave. And once this continent has fallen, Enoyos can proceed with the goal.
Tell me about Enoyos.
Enoyos is the god of the oceans. We ranalon are one of his chosen races. We are the race best able to survive on land, so he helps us spread to distant lands, and in return we subjugate the lands in his name. In my homeland of Fosulf, not all ranalons worship Enoyos... but all of the eggs that arrived here were from devoted followers. So everyone here is born loving Enoyos, and most die loving Enoyos.
What's this "great Goal?"
Oh, the Goal is just to flood the world. Enoyos will raise the oceans until most of the land is underwater. There will still be mountains and other tall places for a few land-walkers to live, though. So don't worry. You will die, but your race will probably survive. At least for a time.
Enoyos has promised my race that we will have fertile marshlands and beautiful swamps to live in. However, I don't think it's going to work out quite like that...
I think Enoyos will just wash all unbelieving ranalons out to sea when he finally takes control of the world. He won't make any new marshlands, but his faithful will have their paradise: the same paradise some other ranalon is enjoying right now. There are many billions of us at home, you see. Quite overcrowded.
What does Enoyos need to complete his Goal?
I don't know the whole plan, of course. I know Enoyos needs a strong ranalon force in every country in the world. And I know Enoyos has a plan to stop Dreva. Dreva has been becoming more and more of a problem in recent years... you druids are everywhere!
I'm not a druid.
Oh! really? I assumed that any expertly-trained guerrilla warrior that infiltrated our den would be a druid. Hmm, maybe Enoyos has more trouble brewing than he realizes. What god sent you then?
...Actually, you know what? Never mind. I'm sure your god is great and all, but I'm not interested in a sales pitch. I'm glad you're here, and let's leave it at that!
How did you know I was a druid?
Well, we assume that when expertly trained warriors infiltrate our dens on vicious guerrilla missions... they're druids. I mean, you're obviously not part of an army! Just a guerrilla warrior for Dreva. I'm not bashing Dreva, though: I want him to win, after all!