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God of Balance in Nature
Class 1
Dreva is a Class 1 Nature Spirit, known as the God of Balance in Nature. He is the Patron Spirit of Druids, which were created by the brothers Ri-Shin and Au-Shin. When Dreva appears, it is often as a lake of talking fish.

Arisetsu, Goddess of Hope, is the mother of Dreva.



As Patron Spirit of Druids, Dreva is known to reward faithful followers with blessings.

Warring Gods

Long ago, Dreva fought against a faction of gods led by Tast. Classic Stories: Arisetsu and Vol describes Dreva as the winner of the conflict, but many gods were defeated in the battle.

Class 0

In Councilwoman Irasce's Guide to Nature Spirit Classification, she mentions that her colleague Jarmanger suggests that Class 0 gods should exist.

Class 0: these are supremely powerful gods, with enough power to bend or break any aspect of reality. It's likely that these gods could destroy weaker (class 3? class 2?) gods, if they chose to. Jarmanger argues that Dreva, Vol, and Kirad should be in this category.

Guide to Nature Spirit Classification