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God of Death
Class 1
Vol is a Class 1 Nature Spirit, known as the God of Death. The Dwarves of Alharth worship Vol, and name many things after him.


Vol, alongside Ormorek, is heavily worshiped by Dwarves.

Classic Stories: Arisetsu and Vol

The book Classic Stories: Arisetsu and Vol describes Vol's romance with Arisetsu, Goddess of Hope.

Glowy Yellow Crystals

, a hazardous rock found on the Gazluk Plateau, is known to Dwarven smiths as "Vol's Kiss.

The Winter Queen

I understand your world's god of death... 'Vol', I believe? Yes, Vol has endorsed the Winter Queen's arrival. So I do not foresee any serious issues with claiming this world. So enjoy this moment of sunshine. Winter brings its own gifts, but this accursed warmth will never be felt by you again.


Class 0

In Councilwoman Irasce's Guide to Nature Spirit Classification, she mentions that her colleague Jarmanger suggests that Class 0 gods should exist.

Class 0: these are supremely powerful gods, with enough power to bend or break any aspect of reality. It's likely that these gods could destroy weaker (class 3? class 2?) gods, if they chose to. Jarmanger argues that Dreva, Vol, and Kirad should be in this category.

Guide to Nature Spirit Classification