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Map of Gazluk (click for larger size)
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Hike the mountains to the frozen Gazluk Plateau.

Gazluk is a frozen tundra region beyond the Kur Mountains. The area is mostly known for the once public Gazluk City, and the tragic incident at Prestonbule. New Prestonbule Cave is the only friendly zone. Outside of this there are several other towns, but these towns are inhabited by either Orcs, or Incorporeal Creatures. The Gazluk underground is crisscrossed by a maze of interconnected caverns. Underneath Gazluk City, the massive stronghold of Gazluk Keep can be found.

Environmental Effects

Cold Mechanics

While inside the region, the player character gradually loses Body Heat over time. Losing all of one's Body Heat causes Frostbite and eventually Hypothermia. Frostbite reduces direct damage dealt by 20%. If frostbitten for too long, Hypothermia sets in, which deals Health damage continuously, disables health and power regeneration, and reduces movement speed by 50%. Both effects can be healed by taking refuge in a warm area (for example near a lit Smouldering Fire in Kur, or near a Glowy Yellow Crystal outcropping in Gazluk). Left untreated, hypothermia will eventually kill you.

Body Heat depletes much more rapidly while underwater.

The rate at which one loses Body Heat is affected by Indirect Cold Mitigation, which can be improved through gear and abilities

Similar to the smoldering campfires scatted throughout Kur, an Emergency Warmth Fire or Basic Campfire can restore body heat. Ukorga can teach humanoid form players how to craft these fires through Carpentry, while Spot teaches beast form players the same through Foraging. Emergency Fires can also be purchased from several vendors, including Hogan, Ukorga, Red, and Rick Snapley.

Varying amounts of Body Heat can also be restored through several Fire Magic, First Aid, Mentalism, Animal Handling (Polar Bear and similar bears' Cheap Trick), Priest and Warden abilities or by using a Simple Blanket. Finally, Cold Resistance and Orcish Thickskin Potions can boost your total Body Heat capacity, allowing you more time away from heat sources.

Many pieces of armor can also provide Indirect Cold Mitigation or increased Maximum Body Heat. A common source is Winter gear, crafted through Leatherworking or obtained via barter with Ukorga.

Neighboring Regions

Kur Mountains
The portal to Kur Mountains can be found along the southeast edge of Gazluk's outer valley.
The portal to Povus can be found north-northeast.

Points of Interest

New Prestonbule Cave

The New Prestonbule Cave was once a cavern used by the residents of Prestonbule as a storehouse. After the Orc raid on the town, a number of survivors opted to seek shelter in the cave. All of the former residents of Prestonbule have now died, but a group of friendly travelers has set up camp inside. Their camp inside the cave provides amenities such as a tanning rack and a campfire.


This once peaceful town the town just outside of the New Prestonbule Cave which is inhabited by several hostile Horrific Ghosts.

Gazluk City

As the name suggests, this is a large castle-like town populated by various types of hostile Orc. The entrance to Gazluk Keep can be found within its walls.

Abandoned Camp North

This camp appears to have once been an Orc encampment, but it is now deserted. This camp lies just West of the Orc town.

Abandoned Camp East

This camp appears to have once been an Orc encampment, but it is now deserted. This camp lies just East of the Snowblood Shadow Cave.

Abandoned Camp West

This camp appears to have once been an Orc encampment, but it is now deserted. This camp lies just North of New Prestonbule Cave.

Abandoned Camp South

This camp appears to have once been an Orc encampment, but it is now deserted. This camp lies just West of New Prestonbule Cave.

Glowing Crystals

These Glowy Yellow Crystals might provide some warmth, but stay away from them if you value your health. There are several groupings of them placed throughout the map.

Animal Camp

The animal camp is home to two animal NPCs so far: Fluffikins, and Trekker, as well as two humanoids: Aven and Aralorn. This camp is also surrounded by the glowy yellow crystals, so watch out for them. There is candle stations here too.


Gazluk Shadow Cave

This hostile cave can be entered just southwest of Gazluk City. The other entrance is the Snowblood Shadow Cave.

Snowblood Shadow Cave

Presumed to once have been used by the Snowblood Orcs, this cave is now filled with snails and similar creatures. The other entrance is the Gazluk Shadow Cave.

Amaluk Valley Cave

One of two entrances to a cavern inhabited mostly by wolves. The other entrance is the Tower View Cave.

Tower View Cave

A cave entrance adjacent to a tower, this is another entrance into the Amaluk Valley Cave.

Foothills Cave

The Foothills Cave and the Windy View Cave both allow entry into the same cave system. For some reason, undead roam the pathways of these forsaken caverns.

Windy View Cave

An undead filled cave system that also can be accessed through the Foothills Cave entrance.

No-Name Cave

A massive cave system located in the southwest of Gazluk's outer valley, this cave contains not only poisonous plants, but also snails, wolves, Incorporeal Creatures, and other beasts.

Gazluk Keep

An Orcish stronghold and military base hidden under the City of Gazluk.

Teleportation Circles

  • Prestonbule
  • Just South of the Northern-most abandoned Camp.
  • Just North-East of Gazluk City.
  • Directly North of New Prestonbule Cave.

Gazluk Inhabitants



Special Foes

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Minerals & Metal


The Meditation Combos provided in Gazluk

  • Just South of Gazluk Keep: Tame the Horde
  • North of Prestonbule: Toss and Barrage
  • Northwest near Foothills Cave: Breather
  • Northeast corner: Crowd Surprise