Rick Snapley

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Rick Snapley
He's got an unsavory grin.
Central cavern.
Beast Speak:
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Skill Trainer:
Installs Augments

We have a lot of beer stored away here from the previous tenants. And I know how to summon Council Rations, which are just barely enough to keep us all alive. But I would kill for something else to eat! This is a cave, so you'd think you could catch cave fish in here, right? But no. No water, so no cave fish.

Rick Snapley is a human who has been living in the New Prestonbule Cave for almost a year. He teaches advanced Knife Fighting techniques, and can raise the Skill Cap from 51 to 60, as well as from 61 to 70. Before he saved Sona from her would-be murderers, Rick served as a fence for desert thieves, buying and selling their stolen goods for years.


Found near the campfire inside New Prestonbule Cave.


Rick Snapley sells just two items.

Items Sold[view/edit]

 100 councils 
 225 councils 

Items Purchased [view/edit]

  • Everything

Spending Limits [view/edit]

Favor Level Cap Per Item Weekly Pool
Neutral 100 5,000
Comfortable 200 10,000
Friends 250 12,500
Close Friends 300 15,000
Best Friends 350 17,500
Like Family 20,000
Soul Mates 500 25,000


Small Talk [view/edit]

  • Loves Poisons Hint
  • Likes Poisoned Food and Drink Hint
  • Likes Magic Knives Hint

Hang Outs

Play pin-finger and drink beer (4 hours)

(If humanoid) " Ooh... that's gotta hurt. Get a bandage! See, what'd I tell ya? You drink enough of that shitty beer, knife games get a lot more exciting! Oh, keep that old knife. It's shit anyway!"

(If in Spider Form) " This isn't how I've ever played pin-finger before. This is a totally made up game! Well, I figured you were up to some sort of scheme when you suggested it! Ha ha! Okay, let's call it for now. Your made-up game is brutal. You've got a bit of... ichor... running down your leg there. And I've got a fuckin' knife cut on my FOOT. No, keep the booze. And the knife. I'm done for today!"

35 favor with Rick Snapley
Seemingly random Knife Fighting weapon.
Tipsy - You're feeling a little floaty.
Hand Injury: You've injured your hand! All abilities cost +2 Power. This injury can be alleviated with First Aid 5 or higher

Help Rick organize his knife collection (5 hours) [Friends]

Yeah, you're right, but... you know, you and me do have one big thing in common: we're not innocent any more.

No, don't pretend - you know what I mean. There's that moment, when you're looking at a big pile of bodies - bodies YOU killed - and you realize that you will never be innocent again. And Mox knows that feeling. I think Hemmit too. But not Sona.

Sona looks at me like I'm a hero. A blood-soaked hero, but still a hero. And so... I am her hero. And I'm gonna keep her from losing her innocence if it's the last thing I do. Swear on Remga. ... Which is something I don't do much any more, heh!

It's funny. I never thought I'd be shackin' up with a rakkie. Or a twenty-year-old, for that matter. Just never saw it comin'. But life goes weird places, y'know?

Thanks for the help. It's a lot of knives, and Sona doesn't like helping with the poisoning ones. Here. Keep this one, it's lucky.

40 favor with Rick Snapley

Throw darts and drink beer (3h)

(if in Animal Form) " Okay, let's stop. I win again! I mean, it's not really been a fair fight. I told you that ya need hands to play darts! But I will admit that you are WAY better at darts than I woulda expected. Pretty eerie really."

Oh, keep that shit. I won a dozen bottles off of Hemmit, but it's undrinkable.

27 favor with Rick Snapley

Favor Rewards

Rick Snapley rewards his friends with access to additional Training.


Tree Decoration: New Prestonbule Cave

During the Winter Holiday of Ri-Shin, Rick Snapley offers additional quests to decorate a tree in New Prestonbule Cave.


Knife Fighting

Note: Price varies based on Favor and Notoriety.

Ability Level Gold
Unlock Knife Skills Levels 51-60 50 18200
Opening Thrust 6 51 8872
Slice 6 53 8963
Blur Cut 6 54 9009
Gut 6 55 9054
Venomstrike 6 57 10510
Surge Cut 6 60 10647
Unlock Knife Skills 61-70 60 91000
Opening Thrust 7 61 13422
Fending Blade 5 62 13468
Slice 7 63 13513
Blur Cut 7 64 13559
Gut 7 65 13604
Venomstrike 7 67 15515
Marking Cut 4 68 15561
Surge Cut 7 70 15652
Opening Thrust 8 71 17972
Slice 8 73 18063
Poisoners Cut 2 30 2457
Poisoners Cut 3 45 6324
Poisoners Cut 4 60 10647
Hamstring Throw 3 24 2184
Hamstring Throw 4 34 4004
Hamstring Throw 5 44 6279
Hamstring Throw 6 54 9009
Hamstring Throw 7 64 13559



Rick Snapley can install Level 61-80 Augments for 1000 Councils.


Winter Celebration
[Friends] Favor - x5
[Like Family] Favor - x5, One (Lv 70) gear (incomplete): (Lv70), (Lvl 70),