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She's measuring some powder.
Back of central cavern.
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Offers Barter
Offers Storage
Sona is a Rakshasa living in the New Prestonbule Cave. She once studied Transmutation under Makara.


Found past the campfire, behind the bookshelf inside New Prestonbule Cave.


Items Purchased [view/edit]

Spending Limits [view/edit]

Favor Level Cap Per Item Weekly Pool
Neutral 50 2,500
Comfortable 5,000
Friends 7,500
Close Friends 10,000
Best Friends 287 12,500
Like Family 15,000
Soul Mates


Small Talk [view/edit]

  • Loves Clothing and Cloth Armor Hint
  • Likes Phlogiston Hint

Hang Outs

Compare Transmutation notes (8 hours)

Wait, Makara wouldn't teach you the three-handed weave format? But that means you do not know the prism inversion techniques either?! Oh, I have so much to teach you!

Makara would not teach the weave-forms to me either, at first. But I suppose I just sat and waited for long enough that she eventually agreed. How many years did you sit with her in the desert? ... oh. I see... well, that it explains it then.

80 favor
1000 Transmutation XP


  • Confronting Tal-Saka To start this quest, talk to Sona in New Prestonbule Cave. The quest is available at [Comfortable] favor. You must have previously completed Confronting Urzab in order to undertake this quest.
    • Confront Tal-Saka (to death)
    • Talk to Sona
  • Confronting Urzab

    To start this quest, talk to Sona in New Prestonbule Cave. The quest is available at [Comfortable] favor.

    • Speak with Urzab
    • Talk to Sona

    Response to player

    Who? Sona? I don't know a Sona. ... ohhh, THAT Sona. The teenage rakshasa with all the customers. Very sad. She was a good tenant.

    What? Me?! I had nothing to do with it! Almost certainly nothing! Okay, look. I feel bad about it, but I had no choice: an Onkara trooper came in here and demanded a key to her shop. He was huge and terrifying, and I figured he was just stealing magical secrets, so I let him in. The very next evening, Sona was attacked by bandits.

    Believe me, I didn't want her gone! She was earning me a lot of money in rent, and more importantly, she was making Amulna famous! When she disappeared, her assistants wandered off to become bandits themselves... if I had to guess, one of those two is to blame for the attack! Now excuse me. I have a lot of paperwork to attend to.

  • Safer Crystal Transport

    To start this quest, talk to Sona in New Prestonbule Cave. The quest is available at [Neutral] favor.


Unlock Skill Level Cost Favor
 50    18000 (estimated) councils   [Friends] 
 60    45000 councils   [Close Friends] 
Error: Item not foundRecipe: Distill Simple Magical Item (61-90)  61    9832 councils   [Close Friends] 
Error: Item not foundRecipe: Distill Rare Magical Item (61-90)  61    9832 councils   [Best Friends] 
Error: Item not foundRecipe: Distill Exceptional Magical Item (61-90)  65    9965 councils   [Best Friends] 
Error: Item not foundRecipe: Distill Epic or Legendary Magical Item (61-90)  68    11400 councils   [Like Family] 
Error: Item not foundRecipe: Repair Transmutation Damage 5  70    11465 councils   [Like Family] 



Sona offers storage at [Comfortable] Favor.
0 slots at [Neutral].
10 slots at [Comfortable].
20 slots at [Friends].
30 slots at [Close Friends].
40 slots at [Best Friends].
50 slots at [Like Family].
60 slots at [Soul Mates].


Sona will exchange smaller prisms for larger ones.

Give Receive
x3 x4
x3 x4


Winter Celebration
[Friends] Favor - x5
[Like Family] Favor - x5, 1x (L70) Equip, one of: , , , ,


Welcome to our home, stranger. I am Sona. Are you running in terror from an orc band? I'm just exploring.

Good! Then you are welcome here! You may stay in our cavern home for as long as you wish. You may even sleep here, or cook on our fire.

Thank you for your hospitality.

Well, it started when I went on Su-falek. I snuck out and left Rahu a few years earlier than is normal because my parents were urging me to become a farmer. But I wished to be a magical scientist!

I found a wise teacher in the Ilmari desert. Makara taught me much about Transmutation, a new kind of magic. I am so honored to have been one of her pupils!

And then you moved to a cave?

Wait. I am getting to that part. I spent nearly two years with Makara, learning all she would teach me. Then I tried to return home, but my parents refused to see me. And my old friends behaved oddly, saying I dishonored my parents by leaving at age sixteen. As if two years are so important in the eighty-year span of a life!

I was angry. I did not want to start a whole new life there, so I left Rahu. I soon opened a magic stand in a tiny desert town called Amulna.

...And THEN you moved to a cave?

No, obviously not yet! I was still in the desert! My magic stand become well known, as I could improve magical items in new ways. I suppose that my teacher's other students traveled far away to practice their new craft, but I alone remained in the desert, so there was no competition. My business began to grow. I rented out a building from a goblin that lives there. I had more business than I could deal with, so I hired assistants, putting all of my money back into the business.

So the cave part happens soon?

Very well! I shall skip ahead. Late one night when I was closing the shop, I heard a cry for help in the desert. I rushed out to see what was wrong, and a pack of bandits were waiting for me. Sona begins to tear up, but shakes her head angrily and continues the story. I remember pain in my knees, in my ribs... they crushed my hands when I tried to defend myself, and stabbed me with blades when I fell.

Then I saw them fall over, one after another, dead. A human I'd never seen before picked me up and carried me away.

...carried you to this cave?

More or less, yes. Rick saved my life. He killed the bandits and carried my unconscious body far away, where they could not find me. Rick is a hero and I owe him my life.

We have been here for a year now. I still suffer from my injuries, but I am largely functional again.

How long will you stay in the cave?

I cannot go back to Amulna because we do not know who tried to have me killed. Rick says they covered their tracks well; the bandits did not even know who hired them. So we stay here.

Rick says when we have saved enough money, we can move to Verta. For now it is just a distant dream...but dreams are important.

I hope your dream comes true. Thank you for sharing your story.