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An older Rakshasa, eyes half closed.
Living in the far northeast.
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I am tired. I have run out of materials to practice my craft. And I am alone in this world, without meaning or purpose.

Makara is an older Rakshasa living alone in the empty wasteland of Ilmari. She is a first-generation Rakshasa, so her parents were emotionless and uncaring for her.

You are a fast learner! Much faster than I was. Now you can break down simple magical items. Perhaps some day I can teach you more advanced techniques.

But what's the purpose of this skill?

I will explain it as my father did to me. Most magic items are powered by a weird substance called Phlogiston. This is what gives them their magic power. But the substance is invisible and undetectable... unless you know the trick I just taught you. Now you can magically boil down an item into its raw phlogiston!

Nice! And what do I do with the phlogiston?

When you have practiced enough, you can use that table over there to change the enchantments on a magic item. You will pour raw phlogiston onto the item and change its properties. Unfortunately the only technique I've mastered is somewhat... random. I can choose an enchantment on an item and then twist it to do something else, but I don't have much control over what the new enchantment does.

So this lets me randomly change an enchantment on a magic item?

Yes, if you don't like the results, you can always try again, as long as you have enough phlogiston of the appropriate quality... and as long as the item is still in good enough shape.

Wait, so Transmutation damages the item?

It's not physical damage, no. The item will be fine. But there's a limit to the number of times an item can be Transmuted before its innate power is too weak to try again.

How many Transmutations can an item take?

That depends, but typically four or five. However, I've recently mastered another technique... one that can repair the Transmutation damage and let you further alter the item.

How do I do that?

I can't explain it to you now; you wouldn't understand enough of the details. First you will need to practice more Transmutation.

Okay. I will practice some. Thanks!


Living to the far northeast, in a small hut hidden in the sandy hills. Look for the red & white cloth that makes up half the roof.

Small Talk [view/edit]

  • Likes Rare or Better Magic Gear Hint
  • Dislikes Non-Magical Equipment



At Friends, Makara will begin to teach Transmutation. Note: This section is out of date. This information is for the old transmutation system.

Distill Simple Magical Item -- at Friends
Repair Transmutation Damage 1
Distill Rare Magical Item
Repair Transmutation Damage 2 -- at Close Friends
Distill Incredible Magical Item -- at Close Friends
Repair Transmutation Damage 3 -- at Close Friends
Distill Simple Magical Item (31-60) -- at Best Friends
Distill Rare Magical Item (31-60) -- at Best Friends
Repair Transmutation Damage 4 -- at Best Friends
Distill Exceptional Magical Item (31-60) -- at Like Family
Distill Epic or Legendary Item (31-60) -- at Like Family

Hang Outs

Have a quiet tea break (30 minutes) [Neutral]

Get in-depth disenchanting lessons (4 hours) [Comfortable]

And so, by turning the armor over counter-clockwise, we destabilize its phlogiston. Then you use the resonance hammer. Right! You've finally gotten the hang of it. Of course, never turn footwear counter-clockwise, only headwear.

Help to transmute a difficult item (2 hours) [Neutral]


Winter Celebration
[Friends] Favor -
[Like Family] Favor - 2-3x random items from list (incomplete): , ,
, 5x, ,