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Skill Type: Trade Skill
Max Level: 50
Skill Trainers: Makara

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Transmutation Overview

Transmutation allows you to change, or reroll, a mod on a piece of gear. (Note: "mod" is used interchangeably with "treasure effect" and "treasure mod") This consumes phlogiston and durability. The higher the level of the item, the higher the tier of phlogiston consumed. The ability to pick and choose treasure effects is huge, and it's not an understatement to say that this is the most powerful skill for min-maxing gear. Please note that transmuting anything will ATTUNE that gear to you, making it useless to other players.

NOTE: Differences between Transmutation and Augmentation: Transmutation lets you change the mods on your gear, whereas Augmentation lets you add one additional mod to a piece of gear. With Transmutation you distill items into phlogiston and use a transmutation table to make changes. With Augmentation you decompose items into beads and baubles in order to extract a mod from one item and place it on a different item.

In-Game Description

The science of permanently altering how a magical item works. Also covers manipulation of the basic materials of magic, such as phlogiston.

Training Transmutation

  • Makara in Ilmari teaches Transmutation once you reach the appropriate favor level.
  • Bellema Deftwhisper can raise the level cap of Transmutation from 51-60 and 61-70.

Connected Skills


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Secondary Skills:

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Related Skills:

  • Augmentation - Augmentation is the other primary way for players to upgrade their gear.

Transmutation Complete Recipe List

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Lvl Name XP Bonus XP Ingredients Results Description
1 Distill Simple Magical Item 50 200 icon_5511.png  Prism x1 (!)
Uncommon Magic Item x1
Distill Simple Magical Item Destroy an Uncommon (green-labeled) magic item and extract phlogiston.
10 Repair Transmutation Damage 1 50 200 icon_5511.png  Prism x1
Magic Item x1
Repair Transmutation Damage 1 Use a prism to restore 5%-10% of an item's transmutation durability. After using this recipe on an item, you must wait 12 hours before the item can be further repaired.
15 Distill Rare Magical Item 100 400 icon_5511.png  Prism x1 (!)
Rare Magic Item x1
Distill Rare Magical Item Destroy a Rare (blue-labeled) magic item and extract phlogiston.
20 Repair Transmutation Damage 2 150 600 icon_5511.png  Prism x2
Magic Item x1
Repair Transmutation Damage 2 Use 2 prisms to restore 10%-20% of an item's transmutation durability. After using this recipe on an item, you must wait 1.5 days before the item can be further repaired.
25 Distill Incredible Magical Item 250 1000 icon_5511.png  Prism x1 (!)
Exceptional+ Magic Item x1
Distill Incredible Magical Item Destroy an Exceptional, Epic, or Legendary magic item and extract phlogiston.
30 Repair Transmutation Damage 3 250 1000 icon_5511.png  Prism x4
Magic Item x1
Repair Transmutation Damage 3 Use 4 prisms to restore 30%-60% of an item's transmutation durability. After using this recipe on an item, you must wait 4 days before the item can be further repaired.
40 Repair Transmutation Damage 4 350 1400 icon_5511.png  Prism x6
Magic Item x1
Repair Transmutation Damage 4 Use 6 prisms to restore 60%-100% of an item's transmutation durability. After using this recipe on an item, you must wait 6 days before the item can be further repaired.
50 Repair Transmutation Damage 5 450 1800 icon_5511.png  Prism x8
Magic Item x1
Repair Transmutation Damage 5 Use 8 prisms to restore 100% of an item's transmutation durability. After using this recipe on an item, you must wait 7 days before the item can be further repaired.

Transmutation Mechanics


You can distill non-white items (anything that has a mod) into phlogiston. Each distillation has a chance to consume a Prism, depending on what tier the distilled equipment is.

The quantity of phlog given depends on the tier of the item (Uncommon, Rare, Exceptional, Epic, or Legendary...see Items for a breakdown). Speaking very broadly, Uncommon gives 2 phlog, Rare gives 4-5, Exceptional gives 6-7, Epic gives 8-10, and Legendary gives 12-13.

The tier of phlog (Shoddy, Rough, Crude, Decent, or Nice) depends on the level of the item. Generally, the highest level requirement for the item is used. A sword that requires level 55 Sword and level 30 Psychology would distill into Decent Phlogiston. The table below maps level to phlog tier.

Level Range Phlog Tier
0-10 Shoddy
15-25 Rough
30-40 Crude
45-55 Decent
60-70 Nice


Transmuting an item will change a selected mod to a different, randomly chosen, effect. To do this, find a Transmutation table (list of locations below). Interact with the table, drag an item to it, and choose the mod you wish to reroll. You must unequip gear before transmuting it.

When you select a mod to reroll, you will get a prompt telling you how much phlog and durability will be consumed. Rerolling a mod from a normal combat skill costs 35 phlog and 25% durability. The tier of phlog required depends on the tier level that the mod belongs to, see the chart above for the exact ranges. EX: Rerolling a level 55 sword mod will require 35 Decent Phlogiston.

If you reroll an Endurance or generic mod, the cost is 20 phlog and 20% durability.

All skills have a list of specific mods that are available for each slot (Head, Chest, etc.). The new mod will be chosen from that list, and is guaranteed to NOT be something that is already on the gear. EX: Let's say that there are 10 possible mods for Fire Magic MainHands. Let's say you have 2 Fire Magic mods on your current Staff. If you reroll one of them, there are 8 possible mods it could become.

Due to the random nature of transmutation, it can be very frustrating or very satisfying. You should be aware that you can roll many, many times without getting the mod you want...that's just how luck works.

Bug: After transmuting a mod, you are given the option to try again. IF YOU CLICK TRY AGAIN, YOU ARE NOT GUARANTEED TO BE REROLLING THE SAME MOD. This is because the game generally puts the "new" (rerolled) mod at the bottom of the list, but will try to transmute from the mod's old position if you hit "Try Again". To be safe, it is recommended that you instead choose "All done." and re-drag the item to the transmutation table.

Note: The game will allow you to transmute an augmented mod. Your gear will still be useable, but that piece of equipment will not be un-augmentable. If you try to undo the augment, you'll receive an error message.

Tip: ANY tier of a mod will "block" all tiers of that mod from being rerolled. In other words, if you had "Riposte Damage +11%" (level 5 mod) on your gear, any rerolls on other mods would never result in any tier of "Riposte Damage +X%". This means that you can augment a low-level mod that you do NOT want on your gear to increase your chances of getting the mods you want. Using the example above, say there are 10 possible Fire Magic Staff mods and our gear already has 2 of them. Normally any reroll would be picking from a pool of 8. Instead, before transmuting, say that we augmented a mod that we definitely didn't want the reroll to become. Now you're choosing from a pool of 7. Once you've gotten the mod you want, you simply undo the augment (see Augmentation). This method is definitely a bit more tedious than just transmuting, but may be worth it in terms of time/gold/phlog/prisms saved. Make sure that you do not accidentally transmute the low-level augment, see the Note above.


Durability is consumed every time you transmute an item. Having 0% durability will NOT stop you from being able to wear and use that gear, but you cannot transmute if you don't have the required durability. You can repair an items durability with Transmutation Recipes, but each one sets a timer on that piece of equipment. That equipment cannot be repaired again until the timer expires. For the max-level repair skill (repairs 100% durability), the timer is 7 days.


If you're trying to transmute gear in search of specific mods, you could probably use a list of possible mods for a particular skillset. You can visit Gorgon Explorer for a player-run database of every mod (the Mod and Build Planner tabs are particularly useful). Mods are also available on the wiki at <skill name>/Treasure Effects. (Example: Fire Magic/Treasure Effects)

Magic Table Locations

Located in the adjoining room of Marna's shop.
Located in Makara's house.
Located in the city of Rahu, in the building housing the Community Library.
A transmutation Item Workbench can be found inside the New Prestonbule Cave.

Transmutation Level Up Rewards

Level Reward
1 Learn Recipe: Distill Simple Magical Item


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