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Map of Eltibule (click for larger size)
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Eltibule, sometimes referred to as "the castle zone" (as one of the main points of interest in Eltibule is the Eltibule Keep), is a fairly hilly region once home to the Duchy of Eltibule. The items, quests, npcs and monsters located in this zone are generally of a higher level in comparison to Serbule.

Ever since the Duke of Eltibule was mysteriously assassinated, all attempts to tame that land seem to run into bad luck.

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Neighboring Regions

The former Duchy of Serbule borders the region of Eltibule.
Kur Mountains
Eltibule offers the best route for travelers seeking to reach the cold lands of Kur Mountains.

Points of Interest

Eltibule Keep

Once governed by the Eltibule family, this castle's courtyard has become a homefor weary travelers and and merchants. The interior has become overrun with Goblins.

Hogan's Keep

An outpost overlooking the region, Hogan's Keep provides shelter from the hostile monsters of Eltibule. Hogan himself is a master of the Staff.

Hogan's Keep (basement)

Strange sounds can be heard from the castle's basement. Only Hogan can grant entry.

Antry Farm

A homestead and inn constructed by Sie Antry in anticipation of a new Council trade route.

Eltibule Family Graveyard

A solemn place, this graveyard and crypt hold the known corpses of the Eltibule family.


Animal Nexus

An unsettling breach into the fae realm, this portal has begun to cause ecological damage as fae creatures invade its surroundings.

Boarded up Basement

A model home designed to attract settlers, this house holds many secrets.

Goblin Dungeon

After dwarven laborers expanded the interior of Eltibule Keep, a tragedy befell the Eltibule family. Goblins from the neighboring lands soon invaded the tunnels, and the depths contain even stranger beings.

Eltibule Crypt

The personal crypt of the Eltibule family.

Dark Chapel

For years, Eltibule has been rumored as the home of a mysterious cult. Strange cave systems with moving entrances, riddles, and rumors of untold power have led many explorers to an early demise.

Opening the Dark Chapel

This involves a few steps:

1) Players must obtain a Gulgara's Sigil Key, these can be found as loot drops on Crazed Cultist Idiots, humans who are scattered around the Eltibule zone.

2) Players then must find the correct "Weird Statue"(See the Map on this page) that changes with each phase of the moon:

A) If you do not know the correct statue, you can take a Moonstone to each statue and give it as a sacrifice. If the statue consumes the moonstone and returns a treasure map, then it is the correct statue. If not, it is not the correct statue.

B) If you know the Lore Recipe Moon Phase Check, and know what statue the current Moon phase corresponds to you can go directly to the statue. (See below for a map of the statues and their moon phase.)

C) If you give your key to the wrong statue, you Lose the key and must find another. If you enter it into the correct statue it will be returned to you once you enter the Dungeon.

Note: The statues rotate clock-wise and the "Moon Phase" refers to the current phase of Earth's moon (GMT time zone).

Eltibule Statue Map.jpg


There are six Council constructed Teleportation Circles in the Eltibule region.

  • Near the lake at the Antry Farm.
  • The courtyard of Hogan's Keep.
  • The courtyard of Eltibule Keep.
  • One underwater near the waterfall.
  • Between Hogan's Keep and the waterfall, along the region edge.
  • One North (slightly to the East) of the Serbule portal, atop a small, standalone mountain.Hint

Eltibule Inhabitants

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