Suspicious Cow

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Suspicious Cow
File:Suspicious Cow.jpg
Outside, wandering
around Eltibule Keep
Beast Speak:
Yes (Not to wolves.)
Skill Trainer:

Suspicious Cow is an NPC that only talks to players if they are in a non-wolf or non-spider animal form. She can be helpful to players stuck in these forms, and sells the belts for their skills.

Killing nearby bulls and cows will cause you to lose favour with this NPC.


Eltibule Keep (Outside, wandering amongst the feral cows)

Items Purchased [view/edit]

  • Everything?

Spending Limits [view/edit]

Favor Level Cap Per Item Weekly Pool
Neutral 50 2,500
Comfortable 75 3,750
Friends 100 5,000
Close Friends 125 6,250
Best Friends 150 7,500
Like Family 175 8,750
Soul Mates 200 10,000

Small Talk [view/edit]

  • Hates Stupid Crap
  • Hates Gross Monster Bits
  • Loves Poetry
  • Likes Extremely Valuable Things Hint
  • Likes Obsidian Hint


 225 councils   [Neutral] 
 225 councils   [Neutral] 
 225 councils   [Neutral] 


Clobbering Hoof [Friends]
Clobbering Hoof 2 [Friends]
Clobbering Hoof 3 [Close Friends]
Clobbering Hoof 4 [Best Friends]
Clobbering Hoof 5 [Like Family]
Dye Making
Recipe: Drab Grass Green Dye [Friends]
Push Onward [Friends]
Push Onward 2
Push Onward 3
Push Onward 4
Push Onward 5
Sift Through Grass for Barley [Best Friends]
You Were Adpoted [Friends]
You Were Adopted 2 [Close Friends]
You Were Adopted 3 [Best Friends]
Fast Talk 2 [Close Friends]
But I Love You [Friends]
But I Love You 2 [Close Friends]
But I Love You 3

Hang Out

Chat and graze (1 hour) [Comfortable]

approx. 12 favor
100 cow xp

Chew cud and relax (2 hours) [Comfortable]

approx. 20 favor
200 cow xp
1 grass

Nap and forage (3 hours) [Comfortable]

Some sex cow thing

approx. 27 favor
200 foraging xp
1 grass