Eltibule Keep

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Eltibule Keep
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The largest above-ground structure in Eltibule, and first safe haven upon arrival from Serbule
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Map of Eltibule Keep (click for larger size)

Eltibule Keep is the largest above-ground structure in Eltibule, located in the center of the region. The basement of the Keep has become infested with goblins, and worse creatures have made their home further in the depths...

The Eltibule Family

The Eltibule Family has ruled over the region of Eltibule for generations. This record contains a brief history of some of the more recent members who returned to Eltibule twenty-four years ago to reclaim their homeland. When the young James Eltibule II left six years ago, the Council dissolved the duchy.

James Eltibule

James Eltibule, now known as The Deceased Duke, served as the last true ruler of Eltibule Keep. He returned to the region of Eltibule with his family to reclaim his ancestral home. To begin his mission, he hired dwarves to rebuild Eltibule Keep, and construct an Annex to it. While he whittled away his fortune on the reconstructing efforts, his attention turned towards his sick daughter Katarina. During this time, he ignored the dwarves, who had at this point spent at least twelve years on the renovation project, but were clearly working on a project of their own, as the outside of the Keep only received minor improvements. It is unknown if Jame was aware of the Dwarven deception, as his untimely death at the hands of his daughter dealt a devastating blow to the region. James Eltibule was laid to rest in the Eltibule Crypt, just outside his Keep.

Serisa Eltibule

Grieving after the circumstances of her Husband's death, Lady Serisa Eltibule took her own life. At some point between Jame's death and her own, she sent a scouting party into the Goblin Dungeon. They were never heard from, and it is assumed she died before sending a rescue party. She was buried alongside her Husband in Eltibule Crypt. Rumors suggest that she once dabbled in Fire Magic...

James Eltibule II

James Eltibule II was a child at the time his family fell apart. He discovered what the Dwarves were doing under the Keep, and urged his father to investigate. After the untimely death of his parents and sister, James took up the title of Duke and expelled the Dwarven contractors from his Keep. Soon after, he abandoned Eltibule on an adventure to travel all of the Council Lands. The Eltibule Family cook, Gretchen Salas reports that James left six years ago.

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Hiding in my special spot again. Father is screaming at his Court Witch to cure Kat. I don't think the witch has anything that can help her.

More and more dwarves have been coming to dig in the cellars beneath the fort. Father said they'll also be building an annex to the walls, and all this stone will be used in it. I guess this hatch is supposed to be part of the eventual annex. But the dwarves are working far beneath the castle now, and I don't think the annex is going to happen anymore.

The dwarves are up to something, and my parents are too distracted by Katarina's illness to pay them any mind. I should go and find out for myself!

Update: well that was terrible. I wish Kat were well, she'd know what to do! I must try to convince my father...

Item-icon-book.png Diary

Katarina Eltibule

Little is known about Lady Katarina, except it was no secret that she suffered from a mysterious illness. A more little known fact, is that she was the mysterious assassin who killed her father, James Eltibule. It seems that once she realized her actions, she took her own life and was buried outside of the Eltibule Crypt. Her brother James Eltibule II left the following inscription on her gravestone...

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‘I hereby pardon Katarina for her act of patricide, as she was not of sound mind. She is to be afforded official burial in the family plot, but, due to her suicide, she cannot be interred in the tomb itself. Let no human judge Katarina, for she was her own harshest judge. She will be missed.‘ - James Eltibule II

Item-icon-book.png Grave

Points of Interest

Crafting Stations

  • Forge-Like Fire Pit
  • Tanning Rack
  • Item Workbench
  • Water Well
  • Cotton Gin



The Overrun Basement

At some point after James Eltibule II left Eltibule, a Goblin faction moved into the basement and took up residence. So far, Adventurers have managed to keep the residents of the so-called Goblin Dungeon from taking over the rest of Eltibule Keep.




Kleave is an expert tanner from the Rakshasa city of Povus. She has many skinning and tanning supplies. She is married to Kalaba.


Kalaba is a Rakshasa who traveled to Eltibule alongside Kleave. He is a warrior turned Blacksmith who makes a living selling and buying armor and weapons.


Yetta traveled to Eltibule Keep with the intention of supplying the army (the Second Column) that was supposed to show up to clear out the Goblins in the basement. Instead, she has had to cater to the countless wandering adventurers requesting aid and supplies. Yetta split from her ex-wife, Sirine, and is still depressed over their break-up. She seems to be friends with Rita and Blanche in Serbule, who sometimes gossip about her.

George Madler

George Madler is an angry fellow who lost his family to the Goblin slave-trade. He lacks the skills to take revenge himself, so he attempts to make a living as a practitioner of Textile Creation.


Braigon is a quiet elf who keeps to himself... unless you mention Cheese. Braigon is obsessed with the art of Cheesemaking, and is probably the only one who is.


Oritania is an elf currently in a slump. She wanted to help clear the Goblins out of the keep with the promised army, but they never showed.

Gretchen Salas

Gretchen Salas was the cook for the Eltibule family. She dislikes the Elves and Rakshasa who have moved into the Keep, and has moved into a small shack outside to tend to her garden.
Wanders back and forth between her garden home and Eltibule Keep.

Special Foes

Olugax The Ever-Pudding roams the eastern side of Eltibule, but is known to visit Eltibule Keep.