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Blanche (npc).jpg
She hides a smile as she talks with her friend Rita.
Porch of the inn.
Beast Speak:

I never thought about it before, but now I wonder what goblins are like in bed...

Blanche is a friend of Rita. She seems particularly interested in the large red crystal found North of Serbule Keep and sends you on a series of errands to uncover what is behind it.

Blanche studies earth based sciences, and cares about nature. Velkort believes her full potential has not yet been reached.

The gigantic crystal is the same stuff as the Rubywalls. That means a Council mage made it. And that also means there's something underneath it.

How do we get underneath?

Hmm, no clue. Go talk to Velkort. Play nice with him, learn his Fire Magic tricks, than hit him up for some clues. He's really smart, but don't say that to his face.


Outside the inn, talking to Rita.

Small Talk [view/edit]

  • Likes Crystals and Gems
  • Likes Antiques Hint
  • Likes Dairy
  • Hates Animal Skins
  • Likes Fire Staves


Hang Out

Discuss geologic digging techniques (3 hours)

27 favor with Blanche
100 Geology XP
2 Tsavorite

Explore rudimentary fire magic techniques (3 hours)

27 favor with Blanche
200 fire magic XP
3 Fire Dust

Talk about how the council needs to send more researchers to Serbule (60 minutes)

12 favor with Blanche
10 Lore xp

Repeatable Search for antique Human artifacts (4 hours)

35 favor with Blanche
10 Lore XP
1 Plate

Repeatable Go hunting for Rubywall crystals (8 hours)

65 Favor with Blanche
100 Geology XP
10 Rubywall Crystal