Serbule Keep

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Serbule Keep
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A refuge for displaced elves, semi-retired Council officials, and amnesiac adventurers alike!
Region: Serbule
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Map of Serbule Keep (click for larger size)

Wasn't too long ago that Serbule was just a little inn and a port, nothin' else. The elves that live in Sedgewick Forest would travel to the docks every month to get supplies from Verta. The goblin blockade put an end to that, though. Now there's not many customers at all.

Durstin Tallow

Serbule Keep is a Council town established in the Serbule region. The town was created as an emergency refugee town for the Elves after the Elven City of Dwyndarre was destroyed. While most of the population is Elven, some Humans remain to act upon the wishes of the Council. Retired Praetor Nelson Ballard watches over the residents from the keep at the western end of town. Sir Coth, the sheriff, attempts to maintain order.

It is a typical Council town, constructed of mostly wooden buildings and surrounded by a stone wall. To meet deadlines, the Council Corps of Engineers cut corners, resulting in a destructive sewer system. The town is looped by a shallow moat which connects with a nearby lake, eventually reaching the ocean. Six guard towers stand watch over the town, and the former home of Lord Serbule takes up the Southern end of the town. Serbule has three gates, the main gate to the east, and secondary gates to the north and south.

Points of Interest

Town Square

The home of the well, but also a good deal of merchants, a branch of the Council Bank, and citizens of Serbule Keep. There are often live musical performances, fireworks displays, and many more player-driven events happening here.

The Well

The well in the town square. Water can be drawn from it if you have an empty bottle, but perhaps most importantly it serves as the most common meeting place for players.

The Chortling Beaver

The Chortling Beaver is an inn maintained by Fainor. Often, groups of traveling adventurers will use the inn's main room as a meeting place. It is also host to a common Cooking fire and contains a podium on which poets from across the Council Lands develop their Oratory skills by reading poems.

Mushrooms & Jack

Sometimes up to six mushrooms patches can grow behind Mushroom Jack's house, and around the big rock. These include Field Mushrooms (most common), Boletus Mushrooms and Blusher Mushrooms.

Corner House (PVP Dungeon)

Once a cozy wooden home nestled in the corner of Serbule Keep, this house seems to have been infested recently. The portal to the PVP dungeon lies in its back corner.

Elsie, Bessie, Jammy and Wanda (cows)

The cows can be miked once an hour, provided you have empty bottles in your inventory. Milk by itself is a weak power regeneration drink, but it is also used in Cooking, Alchemy, Mycology, Cheesemaking, and a couple of minor Lore recipes.

Teaching Golem

The answer to the riddle is... Hint.


The Duchy of Serbule was once ruled from Serbule Keep by James II, Duke of Serbule, and his wife Caroline. After the rediscovery of Borghild's entrance, Lord Serbule led an expedition into the dungeon which resulted in his death.


  • Serbule - Lists the region the location is found in.





      As a relatively new town, Serbule mostly borrows culture from the rest of the Council Lands, although some Elven residents practice their own traditions.

      Undead Attacks

      Serbule Keep has been repeatedly attacked by Undead towards the end of the harvest season.

      Halloween 2014
      A rogue Necromancer named Mortimer attempted to invade and destroy Serbule Keep.
      Halloween 2015
      One of the town's Magical Altars became corrupted one night, turning into a Necromantic Portal. Various beings, including a now undead Mortimer poured forth from the portal.
      Halloween 2016
      Yet again, one of the Magical Altars became corrupted, and released undead into the town.

      Seasonal Gifting

      The citizens of Serbule Keep follow the traditional Council practice of gifting items to friends as a celebration of the birth of a new year.


      • Eggs
      • Milk (from cows)
      • Mushrooms


      • It is possible to jump over the wall next to Marna's building. This can save a little bit of time running between the gardening area and the north part of town.