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He's sweating profusely from the fire, but intensely focused on some sort of potato dish.
Inside the Inn.
Beast Speak:
Yes (with a bribe)
Skill Trainer:

I've had Human flsh dishes, and I can't say I like them. Too much sauce!

Fainor is the chef of Serbule and quite the foodie as you can see from his likes. The inn he operates is named the Chortling Beaver.

Since Fainor likes Prepared Food, you can gift him any foods that you cook while you practice new recipes. Remember to eat one of each first to gain your Gourmand Bonus XP!


Inside the inn.

Items Purchased [1]

  • Mushrooms
  • Food
  • Cooking Ingredients
  • Recipes (all kinds)

Spending Limits [2]

Favor Level Cap Per Item Weekly Pool
Friends 100 5,000
Close Friends 200 10,000
Best Friends 400 20,000
Like Family 25,000
Soul Mates

Small Talk [3]

  • Likes Fish
  • Likes Meat Hint
  • Likes Milk and Cheese Hint
  • Likes Vegetables
  • Likes Prepared Food Hint
  • Hates Crystals and Gems [Friends]


Salt Salt 5 for 37 gold
Flour Flour 5 for 37 gold
Sugar Sugar 5 for 7 gold
Knife Butcher Knife 200 gold
None Fuel Oil 5 for 75 gold

None Basic Vinegar 1 for 20 gold
None Fancy Vinegar 1 for 60 gold
None Expert's Vinegar 1 for 120 gold

None Vegetable Oil 1 for 25 gold
None Olive Oil 1 for 50 gold



Lots and lots of recipes. Like...lots.

Hang Out

Collect Mushrooms for stew (8h)

65 favor with Fainor
200 Mycology XP
20 Parasol Mushrrom
10 Mycena Mushroom

Help clean up the inn (3h)

27 favor with Fainor
1 BBQ Ribs

Cut deer carcasses for venison (2h)

20 favor with Fainor
200 Butchering XP
1 Vension

Watch potatoes bake (4h)

35 favor with Fainor
100 Cooking XP
5 Potato

Help butcher pigs to make steaks (60m)

12 favor with Fainor
100 Butchering XP
1 Pork Shoulder

Collect crabs by the river (60m)

12 favor with Fainor
100 Fishing XP
5 Crab

Collect more crabs

20 favor with Fainor
5 crab
Recipe for Crab Roll

Taste-test new vegetarian recipes (60m)

12 favor with Fainor
100 Gourmand XP