Fuel Oil

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Fuel Oil

A small flask of oil. Perfect for lighting lamps! It may have other uses, too.

Value: 10

Right Click to Drink

Fuel Oil

How to Obtain

Can be bought from vendors like Fainor in the Serbule Inn.


  • Fuel Oil can be used to fill lamps in the villages (like Serbule Keep). This public service raises Civic Pride and enables the lamps to be lit for even more Civic Pride once the in-game clock (see Map) changes to 7 PM at night or later.
  • Used in the Alchemy recipe for Weak Acidic Cleanser (The Mineral recipe. Weak Acidic Cleanser also has an alternative Organic recipe).
  • Sometimes used by player character to 'commit suicide' in order to quickly travel to Serbule.