Empty Bottle

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Empty Bottle

There's nothing in this bottle.

Value: 10

Right Click to Fill

Empty Bottle

How to Obtain

Can be purchased from Julius Patton in Serbule Hills for 75 Councils.

Bottle of Water can be purchased from Therese in Serbule for 100 Councils or Jesina in Eltibule for 50 Councils. Drinking the water results in an empty bottle.

Bottles of Fertilizer can be purchased for as little as 45 Councils, and emptied to produce an Empty Bottle. (Vendor name needed)

Drops rarely from Tigers in Serbule Hills.

Drops rarely from Feral Cow located in Eltibule.

Can be found on the ground in Anagoge Records Facility, randomly on Anagoge and in deeper levels of Goblin Dungeon.