Raw Chicken

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Raw Chicken
A plucked chicken.
Value: 10

Stack Size:

How to Obtain

Producing with Recipes

Lvl Name Ingredients Results
17 Butcher Chicken icon_5223.png Raw Great Chicken x1
icon_5561.png Meat Tenderizer x1 (!)
icon_5223.png Raw Chicken x1

Obtaining through Bartering



Monster Location
Billy Boat-Biter Sun Vale
Bloodmaw's Pack Serbule Hills
Chicken Serbule
Cunning Wolf Eltibule
Extra-Great White Shark Sacrificial Sea Cave
Fae Panther Fae Realm
Ferocious Wolf Eltibule
Fey Panther Eltibule
Fey Panther Animal Nexus
Fey Panther Sun Vale
Great White Shark Anagoge
Great White Shark Sun Vale
Great White Shark Molybdenum Mine
Guard Worg Boarded up Basement
Ice Runner Kur Tower
Ice Runner Sun Vale
Insane Werewolf Kur Mountains
Mature Icebeak Gazluk
Mature Icebeak Gazluk
Panther Eltibule
Refraction Spider Gazluk Keep
Sacrificial Shark Sacrificial Sea Cave
Tiger Serbule
Tiger Serbule Hills
Tiger Eltibule
Water Viper Sun Vale
Wild Chicken Serbule Hills
Wolf Serbule
Wolf Eltibule


Quest Rewards


Other Ways to Obtain


Using in Recipes

Lvl Name Ingredients Results
5 Bland Baked Chicken icon_5223.png Raw Chicken x1
icon_5013.png Salt x1
icon_5225.png Bland Baked Chicken x1
9 Chicken and Watercress Soup icon_5223.png Raw Chicken x1
icon_5819.png Watercress x2
icon_5022.png Potato x1
icon_5010.png Bottle of Water x1
icon_5013.png Salt x1
icon_5816.png Chicken and Watercress Soup x2
icon_5009.png Empty Bottle x1
10 Chicken Psi-Mantis Style icon_5223.png Raw Chicken x1
icon_5033.png Crab Meat x2
icon_5103.png Cabbage x1
icon_6223.png Chicken Psi-Mantis Style x1
15 Chicken Drumstick icon_5223.png Raw Chicken x1
icon_5041.png Flour x2
icon_5142.png Oak Wood Chips x1
icon_5013.png Salt x2
icon_5224.png Chicken Drumstick x1
25 Grilled Chicken icon_5223.png Raw Chicken x2
icon_5017.png Oregano x1
icon_5144.png Cedar Wood Chips x1
icon_5134.png Carrot x1
icon_5225.png Grilled Chicken x2
30 Chicken and Broccoli icon_5223.png Raw Chicken x2
icon_5135.png Broccoli x1
icon_5041.png Flour x1
icon_5017.png Oregano x1
icon_5144.png Cedar Wood Chips x1
icon_5133.png Chicken and Broccoli x2
40 Lemon-Glazed Chicken icon_5223.png Raw Chicken x1
icon_5622.png Lemon x2
icon_5468.png Sugar x1
icon_5139.png Guava x1
icon_5225.png Lemon-Glazed Chicken x1
50 Chicken Casserole icon_5223.png Raw Chicken x1
icon_5134.png Carrot x2
icon_5024.png Onion x2
icon_5022.png Potato x1
icon_5105.png Squash x1
icon_5130.png Chicken Casserole x1
54 Aromatic Chicken icon_5223.png Raw Chicken x1
icon_5455.png Green Pepper x1
icon_5020.png Coral Mushroom x1
icon_5134.png Carrot x1
icon_5225.png Aromatic Chicken x1
58 Spicy Chicken icon_5223.png Raw Chicken x1
icon_5457.png Red Pepper x1
icon_5695.png Porcini Mushroom x1
icon_5292.png Muntok Peppercorns x1
icon_5225.png Spicy Chicken x1
Lvl Name Ingredients Results
18 Ice Fishing Gear (30m) icon_5094.png Handsaw x1 (!)
icon_5312.png String x1
icon_5223.png Raw Chicken x1
icon_5311.png Ice Fishing Gear (30 min) x1
Mushroom Farming
Lvl Name Ingredients Results
7 Mushroom Substrate: Meat Meat x1
Meat x1
Meat x1
icon_5535.png Mushroom Substrate (Meat) x1


NPC Location Preferences
Selaxi Amulna in Ilmari Loves (Meat : 25*)
Joeh Serbule Keep in Serbule Loves (Meat : 25*)
Tangle The Sacred Grotto in Kur Loves (Meat : 25*)
Rubi The Sacred Grotto in Kur Loves (Meat : 25*)
Cassie The Sacred Grotto in Kur Loves (Meat : 25*)
Lumpfuzz Amulna in Ilmari Loves (Meat : 25*)
Sammie Grimspine Western Serbule Hills Likes (Meat : 25*)
Fainor Serbule Keep in Serbule Likes (Meat : 25*)
Spot Animal Town in Sun Vale Likes (Meat : 25*)
Mandibles Red Wing Casino Likes (Cooking Ingredients)
Sugar (NPC) The Sacred Grotto in Kur Hates (Meat : 25*)
Raina The Fel-Dasculan Ruins in the Fae Realm Hates (Meat : 25*)
Raul Animal Town in Sun Vale Hates (Meat : 25*)
Therese Serbule Keep in Serbule Hates (Meat : 25*)

*Raw Chicken has an effective value different from its base value (10) when gifted as a member of this item category.

Bartering Uses


Purchased at full value by:

General Vendors

These npcs, with enough favor, buy most items at full price:


Direct Consumption

Ability Consumption


Quest Fulfillment

Quest Number Required Quest Cooldown
(if repeatable)
NPC Minimum Favor Location Notes
Gigantic Barbecue 50 (Collect any Meat) One time only Noita the Green Neutral The Fel-Dasculan Ruins in the Fae Realm

Other Uses