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Always with a smirk of superiority.
His shop near the town well.
Beast Speak:
Installs Augments
Offers Storage

Getting better with the sword, eh? Well, keep at it. Someday you may prove vaguely competent.

Joeh is the weapons and armor merchant of Serbule Keep. He offers storage (for gear) and consignment services.

Joeh is another survivor of the Dwyndarre disaster. As a boy, he taught himself swordsmanship by killing pigs. His fascination with the pig has continued to this day, and he frequently mentions his love of pork based foods. He claims that his love is not an obsession.


Serbule Keep
Near the well, look for the sign with the two crossed swords).
Joeh's shop, located in Serbule Keep, note the two crossed sword sign (center).


Joeh sells a selection of decent armor for players just starting out. He also sells supplies for Calligraphy and Surveying.

Items Sold[view/edit]

 57 councils   [Neutral] 
 57 councils   [Neutral] 
 45 councils   [Neutral] 
 57 councils   [Neutral] 
 63 councils   [Neutral] 
 45 councils   [Neutral] 
 45 councils   [Neutral] 
 57 councils   [Neutral] 
 57 councils   [Neutral] 
 150 councils   [Neutral] 
 125 councils   [Neutral] 
 300 councils   [Neutral] 
 7 councils   [Neutral] 
 15 councils   [Neutral] 
 60 councils   [Friends] 
 105 councils   [Close Friends] 
 150 councils   [Best Friends] 
 15 councils   [Neutral] 
 37 councils   [Friends] 
 75 councils   [Close Friends] 
 375 councils   [Neutral] 
 37 councils   [Best Friends] 
 150 councils   [Friends] 
 225 councils   [Comfortable] 
 225 councils   [Comfortable] 

Items Purchased [view/edit]

  • Weapons
  • Armor

Spending Limits [view/edit]

Favor Level Cap Per Item Weekly Pool
Neutral 100 5,000
Comfortable 100 5,000
Friends 200 10,000
Close Friends 400 20,000
Best Friends 800 40,000
Like Family 1000 50,000
Soul Mates 1200 60,000


Small Talk [view/edit]

  • Loves Swords Hint
  • Likes Shields Hint
  • Hates Jewelry
  • Loves Meat Hint

Favor Rewards

Joeh rewards his friends with Storage space and access to additional Training.

Hang Outs

Talk about how stupid humans are(30m)

Ha ha, you know it! But that's enough slandering for a day. Back to work!

5 favor with Joeh

Participate in a leather party (8h) [Like Family]

Well, that was exhausting! And I had no idea you were so agile! Thank you for coming. Here's a token of my appreciation.

65 favor with Joeh
1 Joeh's Old Sword
Error: Item not foundRecipe: Elven Infertility Cantrip

Spar with padded swords(2h)

Quite a workout! Next time, I should show you my other sparring technique. It doesn't use swords. It uses... other pointy things. But until then, thank you.

20 favor with Joeh
200 Sword XP

Help refurbish some used swords(60m)

That tedium went by quicker than expected, eh?

12 favor with Joeh
100 Sword XP

Decorate for a leather party(60m)

12 favor with Joeh

Go hunt for pig together(3h)

Little oinky bastards never knew what hit 'em! Here's your share!

27 favor with Joeh





Joeh offers Consignment at [Friends].
Mark-up fee of 10%, stocking fee of 100 Councils.
Max 2 active consignments (Equipment).
Max 4 consignments per week.


Joeh offers storage at [Neutral] Favor.
Storage is limited to None.
10 slots at [Neutral].
16 slots at [Comfortable].
22 slots at [Friends].
28 slots at [Close Friends].
34 slots at [Best Friends].
40 slots at [Like Family].
46 slots at [Soul Mates].


Joeh can install level 0-20 Augments for 50 Councils. You must be [Comfortable] or higher.


Winter Celebration
[Friends] Favor - x10, (Lv 25)
[Like Family] Favor - x10, (Lv 25)


You've returned with all your limbs intact. So either you're a very good swordsman or a very cowardly one. Ah, but I shouldn't insult the customers. I'm sure you're quite brave.

Small Talk

Variation 1

Have you mastered the Riposte? I prefer it over Parry. We should spar some time, I'll show you the move.

Variation 2

It's not an obsession. I mean I can stop any time I want to. I just love the taste of pork products. Actually just about any meat is great. But especially pork.

Variation 3

I taught myself swordsmanship by killing pigs. I guess the fascination with pigs grew from that.