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Dwyndarre is an ancient Elven tree-city, and was once one of the most renowned in the Elven land of Verta.

These necklaces are such a mess, and it's my fault. When Dwyndarre was being bombarded, I grabbed all my jewelry and stuffed it in a sack. People were screaming and smoke was everywhere, but I couldn't leave my inventory! Then my tree fell, and everyone around me died, but somehow I survived. I wandered around for days, shocked and wounded, until Marna found me. She brought a bunch of us survivors here -- she's sort of our spiritual mayor, even if that human is the real mayor. Oh, listen to me prattle on.


A new elven face! I'm happy to meet you. Are you Test of the Dervish or Wheel of Cadences?

... what? I have no idea what that means.

Oh. How can that be? Didn't you arrive from Verta?

My mind was wiped. I can't remember anything.

Wow, tough break. Let's see if I can read your past. I bet you were there in Dwyndarre when it was destroyed. And you took a blow to the head that caused amnesia. Right? No, wait! I know! Officials say that nobody knows exactly what happened at Dwyndarre, but you saw it all! And the shame or the outrage of the sheer tragedy of it all... that's why you're pretending to have amnesia.

Am I right?

I'm not pretending. I really have amnesia! I don't think I was at Dwyndarre, but I guess that's possible.

Damn it. I'm terrible at guessing elves backstories. Humans are so much easier! But I mostly stick to animals. Do you like animals?