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She's selling an eclectic mix of things.
Her shop near the well.
Beast Speak:
Skill Trainer:
Offers Storage

Alchemy and shopkeeping go hand and hand. I mean, you gotta buy the ingredients, and sell the results, so it just fits.

Marna is a shopkeeper in the town of Serbule Keep. After the destruction of Dwyndarre, Marna became the unofficial leader of the Elven refugees in the Serbule duchy. She maintains a shop that sells basic necessities including First Aid Kits and curatives for common diseases. Besides maintaining her shop, Marna focuses her efforts on improving the lives of her fellow refugees and improving relations with the humans of the region.

Marna provides inexperienced travelers with a rare service, a shop that is willing to purchase anything. She buys almost any item at full value, however is not willing to spend much buying items from people she is not friendly with. As her [Favor Level] level is raised, her weekly pool of Councils will grow.


Serbule Keep


Marna sells a selection of basic adventuring supplies used in First Aid and Armor Patching. She also sells cures for some common illnesses.

Items Sold[view/edit]

 22 councils   [Neutral] 
 75 councils   [Neutral] 
 150 councils   [Neutral] 
 15 councils   [Neutral] 
 30 councils   [Comfortable] 
 75 councils   [Friends] 
 10 councils   [Neutral] 
 15 councils   [Comfortable] 
 75 councils   [Friends] 
 22 councils   [Friends] 
 225 councils   [Close Friends] 
 225 councils   [Close Friends] 
 750 councils   [Best Friends] 
 750 councils   [Best Friends] 
 225 councils   [Comfortable] 
 225 councils   [Comfortable] 

Items Purchased [view/edit]

Limited pool - use as a last resort

  • Everything

Spending Limits [view/edit]

Favor Level Cap Per Item Weekly Pool
Neutral 500 2,000
Comfortable 500 2,000
Friends 600 2,400
Close Friends 2,800
Best Friends 800 3,200
Like Family 900 3,600
Soul Mates 1,000 4,000


Small Talk [view/edit]

  • Loves Rare Recipes Hint
  • Loves Vegetarian Food Hint
  • Hates Meat
  • Likes Animal Skins Hint
  • Loves Fire Staves Hint

Favor Rewards

Marna rewards her friends with additional Storage space.

Hang Outs

Check Marna's spider traps (60 minutes)

Only 32 legs! Well, it sounds impressive when I say it that way. But what I mean is: only 4 spiders! But thanks for the company. Have a spider's-worth.

Fill out first aid kits (2 hours)

Whew! What a boring job! You really made the time fly, though. I thank you.

Take inventory of shop wares (4 hours) [Friends]

I'm so glad you helped me with this! I've been putting it off for months. So boring. But you really made the time fly by. Here, I want you to have these. We've got extras, so it's no big loss.

Research words of power

Hah, you found a nice one! Did I ever tell you about my favorite find? I found it years ago. It made my hair perpetually shiny and silky to the touch. Don't tell anybody! It drives Rita insane with jealousy.

Huh? Oh, no, I love Rita! It's just that she's beautiful enough without magic, you know? In fact, if I were a few hundred years younger, I'd be pawning all over Rita, but she just seems so... young. Oh no, am I getting old? Oh gods! Is this how it starts?!



Marna is willing to teach Archers basic techniques for crafting Poison Arrows, an ability useful for hunting animals around the region. After having a conversation with Marna, she will also teach First Aid and Armor Patching skills.

Unlock Skill Level Cost Favor
icon_3301.png Poison Arrow  5    450 councils   [Comfortable] 
icon_3301.png Poison Arrow 2  15    1,450 councils   [Friends] 
icon_3301.png Poison Arrow 3  25    2450 councils   [??] 
icon_3301.png Poison Arrow 4  35    4450 councils   [??] 
icon_3301.png Poison Arrow 5  45    6950 councils   [Close Friends] 
icon_3301.png Poison Arrow 6  55    9950 councils   [Like Family] 
icon_3301.png Poison Arrow 7  65    14950 councils   [Like Family] 
Error: Item not foundRecipe: Word of Power  0    500 councils   [Friends] 
Error: Item not foundRecipe: icon_4003.png Word of Power Scroll  0    500 councils   [Best Friends] 



Marna offers storage at [Neutral] Favor.
12 slots at [Neutral].
16 slots at [Comfortable].
24 slots at [Friends].
32 slots at [Close Friends].
40 slots at [Best Friends].
48 slots at [Like Family].
56 slots at [Soul Mates].


Winter Celebration
[Friends] Favor - x10
[Like Family] Favor - x10



Hiya! You're a new face. I've got a great offer for you. I'll teach you some great new skills, free of charge! / Hey again! Need something?

Sounds great! Teach me! (Teaches First Aid and Patch Armor.)
Here. See? That's how you tie a bandage. And here, ... yep, you got it. That's how you hammer out a dent in armor. Couldn't be easier. Well, actually you suck at it, but you know enough to get started!
Now, you'll want to buy my First Aid Kits and Armor Patching Kits so you can use your new skills. Otherwise, they're worthless.
Ah, I see.
Oh, while you're here, could you help me kill some deer? I need their hides for health and armor kits. Kill 10 of 'em and I'll give you some kits for free.
You got it! (Starts Kill Deer quest.}
Thanks! By the way, I recommend using Archery or Fire Magic to kill deer. You don't want to have to chase them down with a sword! See Velkort to learn Fire Magic.

After visiting Serbule Crypt

So you've seen the spiders in the tomb, huh? Pretty scary, right?

Uh, sure, pretty scary.
Well, I'll sell you some antivemon, it will help. But the REALLY good way to protect yourself from spiders is an Alchemical secret. I can teach it to you... but you need to do something for me first. Go into the crypt and obtain a million spider legs. I need them for my work.
A million spider legs?
Yes. But don't worry, it won't take long. Spiders have lots of legs. Usually you can get several from their corpses.
But a million!?
It was hyperbole! I just need a vast quantity. Okay, let's say... 50.
50 sounds tolerable. (Starts Their Hairy Legs.}
Great! Oh, and get some legs for yourself, too. The recipe I'm gonna teach you uses them as an ingredient.
Right, will do.


Hey again! Need something?

Small Talk

Variation 1

Alchemy and shopkeeping go hand and hand. I mean, you gotta buy the ingredients, and sell the results, so it just fits.

Variation 2

I heard Mushroom Jack has invented a delicious meat substitute out of mushrooms. He won't share, though. Says it's not perfected yet.

Variation 3

Busy busy busy! I'm in this store practically all the time, either making stuff or selling stuff. But it's not like there's a lot of entertainment in this dive, so I'm not exactly missing out on anything.

Variation 4

Now I may not be a human, but I think I do pretty well at this shop-keeping business anyway.


  • Presumably, Marna is in Serbule to smooth the experience for new players, however new players will quickly run her available Councils dry, and then will have to wait seven days before her money regenerates. It is recommended that you sell only things to her which you really couldn't sell elsewhere, so that you make the most of her weekly gold amount. See the Merchants guide.


Marna is located inside her Serbule Keep shop. Note the potions sign.