Serbule Crypt

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Serbule Crypt
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Map of Serbule Crypt (click for larger size)
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15 - 30
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Map by BetaNotus (5/19)

The Serbule Crypt is a tomb inhabited by low-level naturally-occurring Undead, although the further from the entrance an adventurer explores the stronger they become. The turbulent history of the Serbule region has left its mark on the crypt, with at least one powerful undead-mage binding itself and its minions to the site. Occasionally, locals will refer to the crypt using the name of the mage, warning travelers to avoid Khyrulek's Crypt. Despite the blight of undead the crypt unleashes into the region, the presence of those undead also bring the opportunity to gather supplies, sorely needed by the Elven refugees of Dwyndarre being housed in the quickly constructed town of Serbule Keep.

Points of Interest - Upper Floor

Equipment Chests

There are four chests on the first floor of the Serbule Crypt which are intended to drop loot with "above-average chances for nice level 20 gear." Equipment at level 15 may also be looted from these chests, and occasionally non-equipment items will appear. These chests are on a one-hour timer.

Serbule Sewers Drainage

During the establishment of the new town of Serbule Keep, the Council Corps of Engineers opted to speed up construction by connecting the portal outlet of the sewer system to the nearby Crypt. The engineer and Sigil Scripter Sir Arif has established a "safe" area in the crypt protected by Explosion Traps. A magical portal to the Serbule Sewers can be found in this safe area.

Ursula's Tomb

The tomb of a young girl is found down a winding corridor past Sir Arif's sewer drainage room. Despite dying at a young age, her emotions (and likely her connection to other spirits in the crypt) manifested her undead form as both a proficient fire mage and a curse-spreader.

Sanctified Force Fields

Previous residents of the Serbule region have tried to prevent the spread of undead from the crypt. Some of their barriers remain. To ensure that adventurers are prepared with some knowledgeable of the tomb, only those who answer questions may pass through the barriers. Studying the exterior of the crypt, particularly etchings on nearby grave-markers will be helpful to those seeking to delve deep into the crypt. Some answers may also be found inside the tomb.

The blueish-purple Force Field encountered on the first floor requests an answer to the question: "How many humans died to sanctify this tomb"

Click Expand to view the answer to the Blue Force Field

The answer is 397.

The red Force Field on the lower floor requests an answer to the question: "What is the age of our great lady?"

Click Expand to view the answer to the Red Force Field

The answer is 244.

Room of the Nameless

The Nameless Guardian is a large undead warrior fueled by deeply personal regrets, suffering from and able to inflict a curse of Namelessness. Even in death they are unable to escape their commitments, and is forced to guard a series of statues which act as a puzzle. The largest of the statues guarded by the Nameless Guardian presents a riddle, its answer rooted in lore of the Serbule Crypt.

Click Expand to view a hint on how to solve the Nameless Room's Riddle

Each of the small statues can add or subtract a fixed numerical value from a guessed number which is compared against the answer by the large statue. The number desired as an answer can be found on a gravestone outside the crypt.

Click Expand to view the answer to the riddle

The correct answer is 244. There are at least two combinations to reach this value. One of them is +37, -8, +14, -99, +300.

Gilded Chest Puzzle

At the end of a long corridor on the first floor, a gilded chest is locked by a puzzle. Inside the same room are eleven objects resting on pedestals.

Click Expand to view a hint on how to solve the puzzle.

Each of the eleven objects must be clicked in the correct order.

Click Expand to view the answer to the locked chest puzzle.

Wheel -> Coffin -> Pick -> Gem -> Viewing Device -> Roses -> Shield -> Potion -> Weather vane -> Eyeball -> Skull

Ursula's Secret Room

While many adventurers are able to form mental maps of dungeons and caves they traverse, some rooms can be shielded against this form of Cartography. Usually, these sections of dungeons will also be physically obscured with fake walls or projections of objects. In the Serbule Crypt, a fake wall exists with a coded lock.

Click Expand to view a hint on where to find the code.

The code can be found in a journal behind the Blue Force Field.

Click Expand to view the answer to unlock the secret room


Energy Key Prison

Deep within the upper floor of the Serbule Crypt is a prison designed by Khyrulek. The sole occupant of the prison is the Strange Spider, a captured diplomat of the goddess of spiders Akhisa. While the prisoner is directly guarded by the fearsome Rhino Guardian, another method is required to free them from their magical constraints.

Click Expand to view the method to free the Strange Spider.

In the curved hallway leading to the Strange Spider there are three side rooms. Each contains an Energy Key, a hostile electricity elemental. All three Energy Keys must be defeated within a short time limit to free the spider.

The Art Gallery

Near the entrance of the crypt, multiple rooms of artwork may be found. While these paintings potentially once depicted those buried in the crypt, they now portray a variety of subjects. Once removed from the walls, adventurers with adequate Art History skills can try to identify them. Despite being considered Vendor Trash by most, valuable identified paintings are well-liked by some NPCs. Lawara, Sir Coth, and Jesina are some of the easily encountered NPCs who like Paintings (or the broader category "Works of Art").

Khyrulek's Upper Room

Beyond the Art Gallery is a long corridor leading to a room with a raised stone platform in the middle. This room contains a manifestation of the lich fire-mage Khyrulek, whose defeat grants passage to the lower level of the crypt. This manifestation is guarded by two large Rhinos and a plethora of Skeleton Archers. The portal which spawns when this undead is defeated lasts only a minute or two. It will disappear long before the foes in the room respawn.

Points of Interest - Lower Floor

Khyrulek's True Crypt

The lower floor of the Serbule Crypt is the home of Khyrulek's True Form, a much more powerful manifest than the Khyrulek encountered on the upper floor. This form is flanked by another pet rhinoceros and can bestow a different curse. Beyond these bosses rests the Pulsing Crystal, a magical crystalline growth displaying sapient intelligence which is rumored to teach Necromancy.

Serbule Crypt Inhabitants






Found in urns.


  • A common sight in global chat is for a player to call a "Necromancy Run" with the purpose of guiding a party of newer players to the depths of the Serbule Crypt in an attempt for them to learn Necromancy.
  • Stacks of Spider Legs and Giant Spider Legs can earn be used to raise favor with Velkort.
  • Spiderwebs are worth 20 councils each, they quickly add up in value.
  • Sir Arif offers Storage.


  • During the Alpha and part of Beta, Necromancy was learned directly from speaking with a Necromancy Altar on the lower level of the tomb. This method was later replaced by the Khyrulek's True Form encounter.
  • Four chests were added to the dungeon in October 25th, 2014 update.