Serbule Crypt

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Serbule Crypt
File:Serbule Crypt (map).png
Map of Serbule Crypt (click for larger size)
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Area Level
15 - 30
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Map by BetaNotus (5/19)

The Serbule Crypt is a tomb inhabited by low-level naturally-occurring Undead, although the further from the entrance an adventurer explores, the stronger they become. The turbulent history of the Serbule region has left its mark on the crypt, with at least one powerful undead-mage binding itself and its minions to the site. Occasionally, locals may instead refer to the crypt using the name of the mage, warning travelers to avoid Khyrulek's Crypt. However, the presence of undead brings with it supplies, sorely needed by the Elven refugees from Dwyndarre housed in the quickly constructed town of Serbule Keep.

Points of Interest

Painting Rooms with Platforms

In the northwestern area on the way to Khyrulek are a few rooms containing platforms and paintings. Similar to the paintings in Goblin Dungeon you can take them off the walls, and identify them to raise your Art History skill. The most valuable ones may be worth hauling back to art loving NPCs (Jesina, Lawara, Sir Coth).

Force Field

There is a force field at the end of the hallway. It will ask you the following question:

"How many humans died to sanctify this tomb"


The answer is 397

Age of Great Lady Riddle

On the 2nd level there is a force field which asks you the riddle "What is the age of our great lady"


The answer is 244

Khyrulek's Room

Khyrulek is guarded by two large Rhinos. Killing Khyrulek will spawn a portal to take you deeper into the crypt.

Necromancy Altar

The skill Necromancy can be learned here (as of the alpha), from a Pulsing Crystal found deep within the dungeon. Sometimes friendly players offer a "run" down there on global chat.

Serbule Sewers Portal

There is a room protected by a few Explosion Traps. Sir Arif can be found there, who deals in Sigil Scripting. Further back in this room is a connection to Serbule Sewers.

Four new chests (Oct 25th, 2014 update)

The first chest is at the end of the corridor "that players seem to all miss". The other three are deeper in. (None are on the second floor past Khyrulek.) Each chest can be opened by all players once per hour, so you can team up to collect the chests. The loot has above-average chances for nice level 20 gear.

Nameless One Riddle

Beyond the Nameless Guardian lies a series of statues that encompass a riddle. The solution may be found outside the crypt on one of the gravestones.

The Giant's Riddle Answer

The giant statue is looking for the sum to equal 244 using the small statues. The answer is +37, -8, +14, -99, +300.

Locked Gilded Chest

In one room you will come upon 11 pedestals with different items on them. If you complete the riddle, you can open the chest.

The Riddle Answer

Wheel > Coffin > Pick > Gem > Viewing Device > Roses > Shield > Potion > Weathervane > Eyeball > skull

Other Rooms

If you bump into an invisible wall, it is targettable, and requires a code to open.




  • Stacks of Spider Legs and Giant Spider Legs can earn favor with Velkort.
  • Spiderwebs are worth 20 councils each, they quickly add up.
  • Sir Arif offers Storage.

Serbule Crypt Inhabitants






Found in urns.