Sir Coth

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Sir Coth
Sir Coth.jpg
A frumpy man in resplendent armor who hates elves.
Near the northern gate.
Walks around turning lamps on at night.
Beast Speak:

Welcome to Serbule, the den of elvish perversion. I hope you have a strong stomach for immorality!

Sir Coth was part of the Human team that traveled with Praetor Nelson Ballard on the mission to build Serbule Keep. He serves as town Sheriff and retains extreme loyalty to all Council rules and regulations.

Once you do the first two Quests he gives, you will reach Comfortable favor with him and his Hang Outs and Shop will appear.


Serbule Keep
North gate near the stables


Items Sold[view/edit]

 7 councils   [Friends] 
 12 councils   [Close Friends] 
 60 councils   [Best Friends] 
 120 councils   [Like Family] 
 12 councils   [Close Friends] 

Items Purchased [view/edit]

Spending Limits [view/edit]

Favor Level Cap Per Item Weekly Pool
Comfortable 100 5,000
Friends 200 10,000
Close Friends 400 20,000
Best Friends 800 40,000
Like Family 1,000 50,000
Soul Mates 1,200 60,000


Small Talk [view/edit]

  • Likes All Art Hint
  • Likes Flawless Animal Skins Hint
  • Likes Ivory [Friends?] Hint
  • Hates Potions [Friends?]

Hang Outs

Patrol the town perimeter (4h)

Quiet as usual. Well, aside from those tigers that tried to ambush us. Stupid tigers. Thanks for staying up with me!

35 [favor] with Sir Coth
x 10
Error: Item not foundRecipe: Human Anti-Drowsy Cantrip

Help polish Sir Coth's armor

Oh, it's beautiful now. Just lovely. Thank you.

12 [favor] with Sir Coth
200 Armor Patching XP
x 3

Talk about how beautiful Rita is (60m)

No, you're wrong. Anything she says can't be trusted because she's a minx. A minx, I say. If only she were a real person, like a Human or even a Rakky... but I guess then I wouldn't love her the same, eh? Well, thanks for lending your ear.

12 [favor] with Sir Coth

Argue about whether elves have souls (2h)

Look, I have to rest my case: no animal in nature has two penises. Except some lizards. And snakes. Those don't have souls, either! It's really that simple: two dicks, no soul. No, no, you've said your piece. We'll have to agree to disagree.

20 [favor] with Sir Coth
25 Lore XP

Spy on the elves in town to see what they're planning (5h)

Did you tip them off? No? Well how did they know to shut up about all their sneaking and backstabbing, then? I don't get it. Harumph. Well anyways, keep those potions I gave you. I'm sure an emergency will arise eventually. Just not today.

40 [favor] with Sir Coth
x 3


  • Graveyard Cleanup To start this quest, talk to Sir Coth in Serbule. The quest is available at [Neutral] favor.
    • Kill Skeleton Archers
    • Talk to Sir Coth
  • Sewer Rats

    To start this quest, talk to Sir Coth in Serbule. The quest is available at [Neutral] favor.

    • Kill Sewer Rats
    • Talk to Sir Coth
  • Sir Coth's Obsession

    To start this quest, talk to Sir Coth in Serbule. The quest is available at [Comfortable] favor.

    • Ask Rita about Sir Coth
    • Talk to Sir Coth

    Response to player

    Sir Coth? That jerk up on the hill that keeps saying elves can't feel true love? I told that guy I'd date him if he just admitted elves are real people. He seems cute enough, but I'm not going to demean myself with an elf-hater.

  • Talking Mantises

    To start this quest, talk to Sir Coth in Serbule. The quest is available at [Comfortable] favor.

    • Kill Augmented Mantis Slaves
    • Talk to Sir Coth


Winter Celebration
[Friends] Favor - (Lv 25)
[Like Family] Favor -


Yes, I've heard that Serbule was created after the Council flooded Dwyndarre with hell-bats, burning the place to the ground. A convenient lie, isn't it? If true, it would turn the Council's generosity into an act of apology. And if I know one thing about the Council, it's this: they never apologize.

Sir Coth