Sir Coth's Obsession

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Sir Coth in Serbule has asked you to see if Rita has feelings for him. Presumably by asking her.


To start this quest, talk to Sir Coth in Serbule. The quest is available at [Comfortable] favor.


I can't stop thinking about Rita. I know all elves are beneath me, but... oh, if only there was some way! But maybe I'm being a fool... can you find out if she has feelings for me?


  • Ask Rita about Sir Coth
  • Talk to Sir Coth

Response to player

Sir Coth? That jerk up on the hill that keeps saying elves can't feel true love? I told that guy I'd date him if he just admitted elves are real people. He seems cute enough, but I'm not going to demean myself with an elf-hater.


Rewards for Sir Coth's Obsession

You see? That proves what they say about elves! A human would know that I can't just "change my beliefs" to suit her whim.

Here, Rita gave these to me when I asked her for a token of her favor. It was a joke, I suppose. I can't keep them anymore.