Sewer Rats

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Sir Coth in Serbule has asked you to go clear out the "sewer portal" which has become filled with annoying giant rats.


To start this quest, talk to Sir Coth in Serbule. The quest is available at [Neutral] favor.


The Council didn't finish improving this town before they were called away to deal with the demon problem. So we're making do with very expensive magics. For instance, the sewer wasn't finished, so we used a bunch of portals to connect it! Smart, eh? Unfortunately those portals are two-way, and field rats have started living in the sewers, coming out at night to eat the crops in the fields. Can you go deal with the issue? Thanks.


  • Kill Sewer Rats
  • Talk to Sir Coth


Rewards for Sewer Rats

That's what I like to hear! Let me give you a bit of money to cover your expenses.