Nelson Ballard

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Nelson Ballard
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An older human with a weary but welcoming look.
Beast Speak:
Skill Trainer:
Sword, Shield

Well, technically, the title is Sir Ballard, Praetor, Retired. But they called me back up for this "special mission." So I'm officially the Praetor of all of Serbule and the surrounding land for a hundred miles. But that means nothing out here.

Nelson Ballard is the retired Praetor of Serbule Keep.

The retired Nelson was summoned by the Council to oversee the construction of a town in the east to hold Elven refugees from the destroyed Dwyndarre. His wife died five years ago, so he had no qualms packing up and accepting the mission. He originally lived outside of Statehelm.

Hello again!
Can you tell me about the people here?
Who in particular?
About Sir Coth...
Sir Coth was part of the Human team that came with me to build this town. He's a decent fighter, a great Sheriff, and loyal as hell to the Council. Great man. Dumb as a horse. But a great man in his own capacity.
The little Elven girl tending that garden? She wasn't a gardener back in Dwyndarre. When she got here she decided she'd grow food to feed everyone, and she's been learning for the past few months. She grows some herbs and a few vegetables, but Ivyn and Jara outside of town are the real food-makers here -- they've been farmers for two hundred years. Incredible! Therese is just playing at it.
Therese is a dear little thing, though. Don't tell her I said that.
The weapon shopkeeper? He bought a bunch of stock with him, and he can maintain weapons well. He fights well, too, but... if he offers to spar with you, say no.
I sparred with him once. We had a pretty good work out, and then he... things got awkward. I don't want to talk about it.
She was a successful businesswoman back in her homeland. Lost everything, and she's anxious to claw her way back. She's older than most of the Elves here, not that I can tell their ages.
She can be a bit... ambitious. But she works damned hard -- for an Elf, I mean.
I don't know any Harry. Oh wait, you mean the wolf? Seems to be Therese's pet, hangs out in her garden a lot. She has weird pets.
I thought I heard that wolf talking to her once, but I'm pretty sure it was Velkort playing a prank on me with some kind of ventriloquism spell.


Wanders through Serbule Keep between his office and Hulon's shop next door.

Small Talk [view/edit]

  • Likes Hand-made Carpentry items Hint
  • Likes Drinks Hint
  • Loves Fashionable Shoes


  • Cheese Run To start this quest, talk to Nelson Ballard in Serbule. The quest is available at [Neutral] favor.
    • Obtain Cheese From Braigon
    • Talk to Nelson Ballard

    Response to player

    Oh, yes, the Veltan Blue for Mr. Ballard. Um. Well...

    The reason I haven't delivered it yet is because it isn't ready yet. He does understand that a custom blue cheese will take time to ripen, right? Obviously not. Tell him that I will bring him his cheese as soon as it is perfect, and not a moment before!

  • The Rat Tiara

    To start this quest, talk to Nelson Ballard in Serbule. The quest is available at [Comfortable] favor.

  • The Trespassing Charlatan

    To start this quest, talk to Nelson Ballard in Serbule. The quest is available at [Neutral] favor.

    • Deliver message to Charles Thompson
    • Talk to Nelson Ballard

    Charles Thompson.png

    Response to player

    What? A Praetor's Order? He seriously wants to issue a Praetor's Execution out here? In front of those Elves? What would they think? They'd revolt! No, he's just bluffing. Tell him I'm not going anywhere!


Precision Pierce, Precision Pierce 2, Precision Pierce 3, Precision Pierce 4
Flashing Strike, Flashing Strike 2, Flashing Strike 3
Rapid Recovery, Rapid Recovery 2, Rapid Recovery 3, Rapid Recovery 4, Rapid Recovery 5