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A small crystal made up of black and white bands. Used in magic, it guards against physical dangers.

Associated Primary Skill: Shield

Associated Secondary Skills: Armor Patching, Tanning, Leatherworking

Value: 100

Onyx is used in the creation of gear with Shield mods. It may also be attuned to the Armor Patching skill in order to craft gear with Armor Patching mods. The maximized version of this gem is used in Leatherworking to create max-enchanted gear. This gem may be gifted to Kleave or Lamashu for favor.

How to Obtain

Onyx may be obtained as a reward from White Mineral Surveys (Surveying).


Dye Making Recipes

Lvl Name Preview XP Bonus XP Ingredients Results Description
16 Gray Dye 0 500 Onyx x1
Bottle of Water x1
Dye Pot x1
Gem Crusher x1 (!)
Gray Dye x1
Empty Bottle x1
Dye used to color armor gray. You only receive XP the first time you complete this recipe.

Sigil Scripting Recipes

Lvl Name XP Bonus XP Ingredients Results Description
25 Armor Patching Inscription 25 250 Onyx x1
Basic Ink x1 (!)
Armor Patching Onyx x1 Etch the magical rune for armor patching onto an onyx, so that it is attuned to that skill when used in crafting recipes.

Geology Recipes
Lvl Name XP Bonus XP Ingredients Results Description
30 Maximized Onyx (via Winterprize) 140 560 Onyx x1
Winterprize x2
Sharpening Stone x1
Maximized Onyx x1 Attune a common onyx so that it acts as a catalyst for certain leatherworking recipes.