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By a campfire, in northern
part of the Kur Mountains
Skill Trainer:
Carpentry, Endurance

An honest day's work!

Lamashu is a Rakshasa merchant and Carpentry trainer found northwest of the northern orc camp in the Kur Mountains. She is named after a species of flying lions. Recently, Lamashu started on her Su-Falak, a Rakshasan spiritual journey to improve her skills as a carpenter. She does not talk to animals.


Kur Mountains
Northwest of the northern orc camp, in the forest by a campfire.

Items Purchased

  • Wood
  • Furniture
  • Skins
  • Leather
  • Tannin Powder
  • Tools

Spending Limits

Favor Level Cap Per Item Weekly Pool
Neutral 10,000
Comfortable 10,000
Friends 20,000
Close Friends 35,000
Best Friends 50,000
Like Family 65,000
Soul Mates 85,000


  • Handsaw
  • Simple Nails
  • Strong Nails

Small Talk

  • Loves Magic Oils Hint
  • Loves Onyx Hint
  • Likes Lumber Hint
  • Likes Sexy Clothes Hint
  • Likes Fashionable Shoes Hint


  • Repeatable Lamashu Wants Lumber : Obtain 10 Oak Wood. Hint
  • Stool Order : Obtain 5 Decent Meditation Stools. Hint


Lamashu offers two unique Carpentry training abilities: Stake the Heart, which is a sidebar attack that deals bonus damage to undead, and recipes for storage crates, which allow temporary access to a storage container that is character-specific and persistent between crates. Storage crates essentially act as a temporary, deployable inventory.


Note: Price varies based on Favor and Notoriety.

Ability Favor Level Gold
Stake the Heart 15 2755
Stake the Heart 2 35 8455
Stake the Heart 3 50 13680
Recipe: Shoddy Storage Crate Friends 20 1615
Recipe: Crude Storage Crate  ? 30  ?
Recipe: Decent Storage Crate Close Friends 40 2565
Recipe: Nice Storage Crate  ? 50 ?
Recipe: Quality Storage Crate ? 60 ?

Unlock Endurance Skill Levels 51-60 - at Close Friends
Unlock Endurance Skill Levels 61-70.


Mark-up fee of 50 plus 10%.
0 slots at [Neutral].
10 slots at [Comfortable].
15 slots at [Friends].
20 slots at [Close Friends].
25 slots at [Best Friends].
30 slots at [Like Family].
35 slots at [Soul Mates].