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By a campfire, in northern
part of the Kur Mountains
Beast Speak:
Skill Trainer:
Carpentry, Endurance

An honest day's work!

Lamashu is a Rakshasa merchant and Carpentry trainer found northwest of the northern orc camp in the Kur Mountains. She is named after a species of flying lions. Recently, Lamashu started on her Su-Falak, a Rakshasan spiritual journey to improve her skills as a carpenter. She does not talk to animals.


Kur Mountains
Northwest of the northern orc camp, in the forest by a campfire.

Items Purchased [view/edit]

  • Wood
  • Furniture
  • Skins
  • Leather
  • Tannin Powder
  • Tools

Spending Limits [view/edit]

Favor Level Cap Per Item Weekly Pool
Neutral 10,000
Comfortable 10,000
Friends 20,000
Close Friends 35,000
Best Friends 50,000
Like Family 65,000
Soul Mates 85,000

Small Talk [view/edit]

  • Loves Magic Oils Hint
  • Loves Onyx Hint
  • Likes Wood Hint
  • Likes Sexy Clothes Hint
  • Like Fashionable Shoes Hint


  • Handsaw
  • Simple Nails
  • Strong Nails



Lamashu offers two unique Carpentry training abilities: Stake the Heart, which is a sidebar attack that deals bonus damage to undead, and recipes for storage crates, which allow temporary access to a storage container that is character-specific and persistent between crates. Storage crates essentially act as a temporary, deployable inventory.


Note: Price varies based on Favor and Notoriety.

Ability Favor Level Gold
Stake the Heart 15 2755
Stake the Heart 2 35 8455
Stake the Heart 3 50 13680
Recipe: Shoddy Storage Crate Friends 20 1615
Recipe: Crude Storage Crate  ? 30  ?
Recipe: Decent Storage Crate Close Friends 40 2565
Recipe: Nice Storage Crate  ? 50 ?
Recipe: Quality Storage Crate ? 60 ?

Unlock Endurance Skill Levels 51-60 - at Close Friends
Unlock Endurance Skill Levels 61-70.


Mark-up fee of 50 plus 10%.
0 slots at [Neutral].
10 slots at [Comfortable].
15 slots at [Friends].
20 slots at [Close Friends].
25 slots at [Best Friends].
30 slots at [Like Family].
35 slots at [Soul Mates].

Hang Outs

Collect lumber (2h)

Are your hands as full of splinters as mine are? Wow, that's a huge splinter... you win!

Hmm, I think your hand will get infected, actually. Here, let me help. Lamashu carefully removes your splinters. You have strong masculine hands. They would be sexy to some... but infections are never sexy.

20 favor with Lamashu

Help Lamashu build a cabinet (4h)

That's adequate workmanship! Now I have to haul this thing all the way to town. Thanks for your help.

35 favor with Lamashu
500 Carpentry XP


Winter Celebration
[Friends] Favor -
[Like Family] Favor -