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Consignment is a sales service offered by vendor NPCs that allow you to list items for sale to other players.

Putting up an item for sale

Most Merchants will require Favor levels (such as Friendly) in order to unlock consignment. Once the appropriate Favor is reached, a new option in the action menu (left side) for that NPC appears. Select this to open the Consignment window.

  • Select an item to sell (drag and drop).
  • Set a price
    • A mark-up fee of 10% is added to whatever price you specified.
    • A non-refundable stocking fee of 100 gold is charged immediately.

If your items isn't sold within 7 days, it will be returned to you (ed: unclear if one has to visit the NPC again?).

It seems there is currently a limit of consignments per NPC ("Active consignments 1 of 2").

There also appears to be a weekly limit of consignments ("1 of 4") (ed: is it per NPC?)

What happens when an item is sold

When an item is sold you will see the following message in a little popup window:

Your Item has Been Sold

Your <item name> sold to <character name> for 3000 gold. The
consignment fee of 10% has been removed, and the
remaining 2700 gold has been delivered to you!

[You received 2700 gold. ]

NPCs offering consignment sales