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Consignment is a sales service offered by vendor NPCs that allow you to list items for sale to other players.

Putting up an item for sale

  • Select an item to sell (drag and drop).
  • Set a price
    • A mark-up fee of 10% is added to whatever price you specified.
    • A non-refundable stocking fee of 100 gold is charged immediately.

If your items isn't sold within 7 days, it will be returned to you (ed: unclear if one has to visit the NPC again?).

It seems there is currently a limit of consignments per NPC ("Active consignments 1 of 2").

There also appears to be a weekly limit of consignments ("1 of 4") (ed: is it per NPC?)

What happens when an item is sold

When an item is sold you will see the following message in a little popup window:

Your Item has Been Sold

Your <item name> sold to <character name> for 3000 gold. The
consignment fee of 10% has been removed, and the
remaining 2700 gold has been delivered to you!

[You received 2700 gold. ]

NPCs offering consignment sales