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He seems pretty focused.
Druid Camp
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How goes your crafting?

Yogzi is a Goblin merchant and Toolcrafting trainer found at the Druid camp in Sun Vale. He requires 30 Goblinese to understand, and will teach you Toolcrafting once your Blacksmithing is at least level 20 or Carpentry is at least level 20 (Yogzi's dialog in-game indicates both Carpentry and Blacksmithing must be 20, but having only one of the two is sufficient).


Sun Vale
Druid Camp


Items Sold[view/edit]

Items Purchased [view/edit]

  • Furniture Hint
  • Tools Hint
  • Wood

Spending Limits [view/edit]

Favor Level Cap Per Item Weekly Pool
Neutral 25 1,250
Comfortable 100 5,000
Friends 10,000
Close Friends 20,000
Best Friends 40,000
Like Family 50,000
Soul Mates 50,000


Small Talk [view/edit]

  • Loves Magic Rings
  • Likes Skulls Hint
  • Hates Antiques

Hang Outs

Help sharpen utility knives (60m)

12 favor with Yogzi
250 Toolcrafting XP

Help sand down spider harnesses (2h)

20 favor with Yogzi
500 Toolcrafting XP

Test butchering knife designs (4h)

35 favor with Yogzi
750 Toolcrafting XP
1 Troll Flesh



Teaches the skill if your Blacksmithing or Carpentry is 20.

Note: Price varies based on Favor and Notoriety.

Ability Level Gold
Autopsy Kit 15 1377
Forensic Inspection Kit 30 2565
Forensic Analysis Kit 50 6840
Simple First Aid Kit 5 427
Basic First Aid Kit 15 1377
Good First Aid Kit 25 2327
Expert's First Aid Kit 35 4227
Master First Aid Kit 45 6602
Simple Skinning Knife 1 237
Basic Skinning Knife 11 1187
Good Skinning Knife 21 2137
Expert's Skinning Knife 31 4037
Master Skinning Knife 41 6412
Amazing Skinning Knife 51 6840
Utility Knife 18 1520
Multipurpose Knife 38 4370
Butcher Knife 8 570
Organ Knife 28 2470
Filleting Knife 48 6745
Crude Arachnid Harness 15 1377
Nice Arachnid Harness 30 2565
Great Arachnid Harness 45 6602
Belt of the Swordsman 16 1425
Belt of the Psychologist 18 1520
Belt of the Shielder 20 1615
Belt of the Unarmed Fighter 22 2185
Belt of the Fire Mage 24 2280
Belt of the Battle Chemist 26 2375
Belt of the Mentalist 28 2470
Belt of the Archer 30 2565
Belt of the Animal Handler 32 4085
Belt of the Staff Fighter 34 4180
Belt of the Werewolf 36 4275
Belt of the Necromancer 38 4370
Belt of the Hammer 40 4465
Belt of the Druid 42 6460
Decent Cow Helm 27 2422
Nice Cow Helm 37 4322
Quality Cow Helm 47 6697
Great Cow Helm 57 6840
Decent Cow Barding 30 2565
Nice Cow Barding 40 4465
Quality Cow Barding 50 6840
Great Cow Barding 60 6840



Yogzi offers Consignment at [Friends].
Mark-up fee of 10%, stocking fee of 50 Councils.
Max 3 active consignments (Tools, carpentry goods, blacksmithing goods).
Max 5 consignments per week.


Winter Celebration
[Friends] Favor - C
[Like Family] Favor - , 1x L50 Equip: or or


Sometimes I wish we could use a little more iron in our weapons, you know? But it just disturbs the flow so much. Frustrating! If only there was a magic attuned to the earth. I guess it would be a dark kind of magic though...


A druid doesn't like to use too much metal. But we're pragmatic! A few nails in a club makes it vastly more painful, you know?


I like knives. I like making them and sharpening them. What? As gifts? No, I only like making them, not owning them!