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Goblinese is the language spoken by goblins. The language lets you speak to friendly goblins, some of which train abilities and even teach new skills! Fluency in Goblinese level (35) is all that is required to talk to all goblins except Glajur level (40) though they may have other requirements to learn from them.

How To Learn

Loggo's Calling Card

A goblin warrior's business card.

Requires Goblinese Level 0

Value: 5

To learn Goblinese you have to translate (by right clicking) one of the goblin business card that has a level requirement of zero. These cards are common drops from goblins in the Goblin Dungeon. The level 0 card is uncommon, but not too rare. You can also occasionally find these cards card from in Yetta's "Buy Used" tab. Translating the goblin's business cards reveals often amusing business slogans (the text appears only briefly in the center of the screen so it is easy to miss).

The Goblin Kremmu the Warden often drops a level 0 card.

When you are getting started it is recommended to keep in your inventory the level 1,2,3,4 cards so that you can gain several levels as soon as you find the required level 0 card. From there on, if storage is an issue one solution is to drop the cards in a chosen area. They tend to stay on the ground for some time, and once you are in the level 20 range, you will often find cards left behind by other players that you can just pickup and read.

Algapa always drop a level 25 card named after him: Algapa's Calling Card. Although the experience gained is fairly small once you are past level 25, it is a reliable source of Goblinese experience that will speed things up a bit. Basically the higher your Goblinese level, the more cards you can read and thus leveling the skill will be easier.

For each level in Goblinese there seem to be 2 cards of that level. For example: for level 37 there seem to be the Lorga's Calling Card and Larto's Calling Card. For level 38 it seems to be Akogi's Calling Card and Rofok's Calling Card.
For learning each card for the first time will give 50 bonus XP.
Repeatedly reading the same card (if you find it multiple times) only offers very little XP. Cards of level 1 thru 10 only offer 1 XP for repeat-reads. Cards between 11 and 20 offer 2 XP for repeat-reads. And level 21-30 cards seem to offer 3 XP.


South Serbule
All goblins in the zone have a chance to drop cards.
Goblin Dungeon
All goblins there drop cards, in particular Algapa's room (it is not currently necessary to delve deeper in the dungeon to get level 40+ cards)
Fugorg is another named goblin who drops a level 25 card named after him, similarly to Algapa. There are a few goblin archers so this may be a worthwhile location to "camp" if you can not handle Algapa's room yet.
Boarded up Basement
Very hard to solo due to high respawn rate and densely populated corridors.


Goblinese level unlocks
Level To learn
≤35 Toolcrafting