Boarded up Basement

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Boarded up Basement
File:Boarded up Basement (map).png
Map of Boarded up Basement (click for larger size)
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Area Level
35 - 45
Map by BetaNotus (5/19).

Boarded up Basement is found underneath a "model home". According to the fairy Jesina, the model house was built by the Council as part of a plan to attract new settlers. A signpost nearby reads: "Accept the Council's generous homesteading agreement and receive a free home like this one! Basement not included."

Sarina used to live there, alone, until goblins kidnapped her in the basement one day. She says she's never going anywhere near there again.


Having close quarters and a high population and respawn rate, this area is suggested for a small group of players, capable of handling the monsters around the rest of Eltibule.


"Model" house (bright spot on minimap North East of Eltibule Keep).

Points of Interest


Floral Soap wanted by Gurki drops from the creatures in the dungeon.

Slave Fairies

Fairies are not aggressive, however they heal the nearby creatures. The recipe Cooking: Ur-Bacon dropped here from a fairy.

Sarina's Clothes

Sarina's Backpack (containing Sarina's clothes wanted by Jesina) is found on a table in the second room to the right side of the main hallway. On the same table a Diary from Sarina, written "in the tiniest, daintiest handwriting" (Lore +50 XP).


At the far end of the main hallway is a tunnel leading to a cave. Several Silver and Saltpeter nodes can be mined here, as well as a Green Crystal. This area is also inhabited by Cold Elemental Servants, and Goblin Elite Guards.





  • Silver (35)
  • Blue Crystal
  • Green Crystal (20)
  • Saltpeter (30)