Boarded up Basement

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Boarded up Basement
File:Boarded up Basement (map).png
Map of Boarded up Basement (click for larger size)
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Area Level
30 - 40
Map by BetaNotus (5/19).
Sarina used to live there, alone, until goblins kidnapped her in the basement one day. She says she's never going anywhere near there again.


Boarded up Basement is found underneath a "model home" in the Eltibule region. According to Jesina, the model house was built by the Council as part of a plan to attract new settlers. A signpost nearby reads: "Accept the Council's generous homesteading agreement and receive a free home like this one! Basement not included." After the Council redirected their efforts to repelling the demon attacks, and the mysterious deaths in the Eltibule family, the plan was apparently abandoned. Sarina made the dwelling her home, until Goblins tunneled into the home's basement.

As part of the Goblin cave network under Eltibule and surrounding regions, many corridors force close quarters combat. Adventurers unable to use crowd-controlling strategies may wish to partner with another traveler, as the narrow passages allow its monstrous residents to quickly respond to attack in groups.


Accessed through the door of the "Model Home" in southwest Eltibule.

Points of Interest

Slave Fairies

The enslaved Fairies are not aggressive, however they are forced to heal the nearby creatures.

  • , an item desired by Gurki frequently drops from these fae.
  • and other rare recipes can be found on the goblin slavers throughout the tunnel system.

Goblin Storage Rooms

The trespassing Goblin clan re-purposed the extensive underground storage rooms of the home into kennels for their trained bears and worgs, and filled others with spoils from their looting.

In the second room on the right side of the main hallway, items belonging to former resident Sarina can be discovered.

  • , requested by Jesina, can be found on the table.
  • 'Jesina's Diary, a book found alongside the backpack, will grant +50 Lore XP.

Goblin Tunnels

At the far end of the main hallway is a tunnel leading to a cave. Several Silver and Saltpeter nodes can be mined here, as well as a Green Crystal. This area is also inhabited by Cold Elemental Servants, and Goblin Elite Guards stronger than the other goblins in the dungeon.

Boarded up Basement Inhabitants


There are no friendly NPCs in the Boarded up Basement.




Minerals & Metal

(Level 35 Mining)
(Level 30 Mining) (Only can be harvested while working on the Mystery Rocks quest.




  • In Early 2015, a second entrance to the Boarded up Basement existed. This entrance was a bug in the form of a invisible rectangle on the far shore of the nearby lake in Eltibule. When selected, the rectangle turned blue and acted as a teleport inside.