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Sarina the fairy
First main room.
Beast Speak:

It's been four days. They are treating me well so far but I think they just don't want me damaged before they sell me. I saw others -- hundreds of fairies -- led in chains. Someone came to buy me but they didn't agree on a price, I guess I'm worth a lot. Somehow I'm not flattered.

Item-icon-book.png Diary

Sarina is a Summer Court Fairy held captive living in Eltibule with her sister Jesina. She was captured by goblins in the Boarded up Basement for eight days before being sold to the goblins camped in Eltibule's Goblin Dungeon. According to Flia, Sarina is a Weather Mage (probably a Weather Witcher).


Sarina is first met in the Goblin Dungeon in Eltibule. She is held captive in the first main room full of paintings on the left branch from the dungeon entrance. Rescuing her starts a series of errands with her sister Jesina.