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Digging metals and ores out of the ground.
Skill Type:
Trade Skill
Max Level:
Skill Trainers:

Digging metals and ores out of the ground.

Mining Overview

Mining is the skill of gathering metals and ores, often leveled through Surveying.

In-Game Description

Digging metals and ores out of the ground.

Training Mining

  • Urzab in Ilmari unlocks levels 51-60 and 61-70, and teaches some higher level mining surveys.

Connected Skills

  • None
Secondary Skills:
  • Geology - While Mining is leveled from collecting metal and ores, Geology is raised through the collection of gemstones.
Related Skills:
  • Blacksmithing - Many blacksmiths will find it useful to have a steady supply of metal from Mining.
Synergy Levels:

Bonus Synergy Levels for Mining can be obtained from the following skills and levels:

Level 30
Level 30, Level 50

Recipe Lists

Mining has no recipes of its own, as Mining Surveys are crafted using Surveying. Once crafted, Mining Survey Maps require a certain Level of Mining to use.

Mining Survey Maps

Recipe Mining Lvl Mining XP Gain Map Leads To
1 25
10 70
15 70
23  ??? and icon_5580.png Ore
28  ??? and icon_5580.png Ore
27  ???
38  ??? and icon_5580.png Ore
35  ???
43  ??? and icon_5580.png Ore
45  ???
48  ??? and icon_5580.png Ore
53  ??? and icon_5580.png Ore
58  ??? and icon_5580.png Ore


Mining Nodes

Across Alharth, mining nodes can be discovered and mined for ores, gemstones, and metal. In Rahu, a prisoner-staffed quarry holds many nodes of various levels. Most types of Ore can be collected there.

Deposit Mining Required XP Gained Locations
5 40 Some mining nodes are found in the Myconian Cave.
30 115 Cave at the far end of the hallway in Boarded up Basement. Kur Mountains near the geysers in the middle. Occasionally found in Yeti Caves and Kur Tower.
35 130 Kur Mountains near Orc Camp, northwest shore. Boarded up Basement cave area.
35  ??? Yeti Cave , lower levels.
40 145 Found near the Orc camp in Kur Mountains.
45  ??? Scattered across Gazluk in clusters.

Mining Mechanics

Using a Mining Survey

Glowy Yellow Crystals

are hazardous rocks often found on the Gazluk Plateau. Known to the Dwarves as Vol's Kiss, these crystals can inflict health-sapping statuses upon the uninformed. Protection against the effects of the crystals can be learned from Aven.

Motherlode Map

Motherlode maps are more difficult than normal surveys, but give much greater rewards. When you use them, no red dot will appear on your minimap, and won't be given the exact location. You'll only be told the distance to the motherlode. If you're 1000 meters away, the motherlode could be on any point in the 1000-radius circle around you. When you find the motherlode, you'll often be rewarded with 15-30 metal slabs, ores, and other rewards.

Mining Level Up Rewards

Level Reward
15 +1 to Surveying
20 +1 to Hammer
25 +1 to Foraging
35 +1 to Nature Appreciation
45 +1 to Hammer
50 +1 to Geology