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Digging metals and ores out of the ground.

Mining is a sub-skill of surveying that allows the collection of metal slabs, silver, pyrite, etc.

Metals Slabs can be used for blacksmithing (a few NPCs also like Metal Slabs).

Similar to geology you will first need to learn surveying from Jaime Fatholm and create a Mining Survey.

Once you have enough Mining skill through Mining Surveys, you will be able to mine nodes in certain locations for Silver, Pyrite etc.

Mining 51-60 is learned from Urzab.

Mining Nodes

BEWARE! Blue and Green Crystals raise GEOLOGY now, NOT mining! I assume orange is the same, but have not tried.

Deposit Mining XP Misc.Notes (Locations are inside a Hint)
Gold 5 40 Hint
Blue Crystal 15 50 Hint
Green Crystal 20  ??? Hint
Saltpeter 30 115 Hint
Orange Crystal 30  ??? Hint
Silver Ore 35 130 Hint
Gold Ore 35  ??? Hint
Iridium Deposit 40 145 Hint

Mining Level Up Rewards

Level Reward
15 +1 to Surveying
20 +1 to Hammer
25 +1 to Foraging
35 +1 to Nature Appreciation
45 +1 to Hammer
50 +1 to Geology

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