Winter Nexus

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Winter Nexus
File:Winter Nexus (map).png
Map of Winter Nexus (click for larger size)
Connects to
Area Level
40 - 50
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Map by BetaNotus(5/19)

The Winter Nexus is an entrance to a plane of existence made entirely of cave-like Nexuses. The shape of this realm changes over time, but the section accessed through Sun Vale is stable, forming a cavernous corridor between Alharth and the Fae Realm. This particular Nexus is being used by the Winter Court to search for and capture the Summer Court Fae based in Sun Vale, as well as an entry vector for an invasion. A group of Summer and Spring Court Fae are hiding out in the dungeon.

In order to gain access to the dungeon from the Sun Vale portal, you must defeat The Thorn of Decay and retrieve a

Points of Interest

Trallix's Storage Box

A box is hidden on the first level of the Winter Nexus which contains a helmet formerly owned by Algid Overseer Winterhue. There are three sacrificial lamps which must be lit to unlock the box. Perhaps there is a clue elsewhere?

Sacrificial Items to solve the puzzle

You can store items in this chest.

Winter Corridors

Summer Court Fae are being tortured by the Winter Court on the first level of the dungeon. Talk to Fazzi to learn how to free them!


Growing throughout the Winter Nexus are
, Fae-power diamonds prized by craters for their unique properties. Twenty-three Winterprize nodes can be found in the Winter Nexus. To harvest these crystals, Mining Level 15 is required, and
must be used. Each crystal node can be harvested every 3 hours.

Winter Nexus Inhabitants





      Minerals & Metal

      (Mining 15).

      Chests with 24 Hour Timers



      • When the dungeon was first added, some collision issues allowed players to climb outside of the dungeon and fly around the void. Similar issues with the Animal Nexus allowed movement between the two if a character had flight. This was quickly fixed.