Fae Realm

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Fae Realm
Map of Fae Realm (click for larger size)
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Area Level
Distant Terminal - You can faintly hear bees buzzing.

A new explorable area has been added to the game! It's for those hardy adventurers who can already survive the dangers of Gazluk. Being another plane of existence, it's not especially easy to reach. There is an entry method via the Winter Nexus dungeon, and there is also a way in via one of the caves in Gazluk.

This area is a work in progress -- it will eventually also be the starting location for the playable fairy race, so you'll notice a few empty shop stalls, some suspiciously empty ruins, etc., which will be filled in later.

Game updates/2019-08-25

The Fae Realm is actually one of many Fae Realms ruled over by whichever Fairy Court holds the throne. With the recent changeover to the Winter Court, the Winter Queen has been making advances to subjugate all other Fae. In this Fae Realm, accessible through the Winter Nexus and a one-way portal chest from Amaluk Valley Cave, a resistance to the Winter Queen hides, aided by one aspect of Agrashab.

Neighboring Regions

Winter Nexus
A rocky, troll infested cavern captured by the Winter Court. This dungeon has split the Fae Realm from Sun Vale.
Sun Vale
A one-way shortcut to Sun Vale in the form of a small portal can be found in the southwest corner of the Fel-Dasculan Ruins.
Only adventurers who are in the form of a Fairy or Rabbit can use the portal.
Fae must first complete the quest Elven Sketches to access the portal.

Points of Interest

Fel-Dasculan Ruins

A ruined town on the northern side of the zone where many NPCs can be found.

The fairies are squatting in the ruins of a much older fairy outpost, Fel-Dasculan. It was never very big or very important though.


Bee Hives

Across the Fae Realm, large Bee Hives have sprung up, home to native and tended bees. Some of these hives posses enough sentience to offer quests to Fairies, while others will unleash waves of monsters on groups who try and interact with them.

Fae Mollusc

Fae Mollusc are large molluscs native to the Fae Realm which can be milked by passing travelers, similar to the tamed cows of Alharth.


    Winter Nexus

    A frigid cave that acts as one of many Nexus systems between realms. The Winter Nexus is a stable path between the Fae Realm and the region of Sun Vale.

    The Wintertide

    The Wintertide is a Winter Court nethership found high above the Fae Realm. A heavily guarded security portal to reach the ship can be found in the southeast corner of the region.

    Accessing The Wintertide requires a

    Teleportation Circles

    There are 0 Council constructed Teleportation Circles in the Fae Realm.

    Mushroom Circles

    There are 2 Mushroom Circles in the Fae Realm.

    Fae Realm Inhabitants

    Friendly NPCs

    Event NPCs


        Special Foes





        (Foraging 70) (Nighttime)



        from Fae Molluscs (From Ice Blocks. Often gives 8-10)


        The Meditation Combos provided in Fae Realm. Use the map to identify the arch you are looking for.

        • West Arch: Toss and Barrage
        • South Arch: Fiery Cobra
        • Southeast Arch: Crowd Surprise
        • Center Arch: Wrath of the Fist
        • East Arch: Nervewreck
        • North Arch: Bruising Strike


        The Fae Realm hosts no events.