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Beast Forms are a unique feature of the skill system in Project: Gorgon. Beast Forms are transformations which can be discovered from consuming potions, failing to defeat specific bosses, participating in events, or leveling skills. While technically curses, many consider Beast Forms to be viable, powerful alternatives to living life in a humanoid form.

Skill Characterization

  • Cows are viewed as a traditional tank archetype. Abilities such as Tough Hoof and Chew Cud help Cows improve their survivability in longer fights. Cows also have the sprint ability Moo of Determination, and the the ability to produce their own milk.
  • is a valuable item used in crafting skills such as Cooking and Cheesemaking. Cows with a Vegetarian badge can produce milk faster than cows with a varied diet, however skill level and the version of Collect Milk used also impact collection times.
  • Adventurers can also milk cows, however consent must be given.
  • Deer is considered to be a good foundation for an off-tank. While cows receive overt tank abilities, survivability in deer primarily comes from Deer Treasure Effects on equipment. Deer have the ability to jump faster and higher than other land-based Beast Forms using Bounding Escape. They also have AoE taunts, while cows only have single target taunts.
  • Deer can use the ability Summon Deer to summon a wild deer to help them in battle.
  • Some deer are actually Druids, using the Deer Form toggle ability.
  • Spider form is useful for DPS/Assassin type builds. Spiders deal predominantly Crushing and Poison damage to quickly defeat enemies. Many spiders rely on Incubate, an ability that injects eggs inside enemies, dealing massive damage and spawning a pet spider. Spiders spawned through this ability will aid their parent in battle.
  • Spiders have the ability to use Insidious Illusion to temporarily talk with Animal Hating NPCs. This ability has a 20 minute cooldown and consumes a each time it is used.
  • can be produced by Level 60 Spiders using Webspin. This ability can give spiders an advantage in Textile Creation and Tailoring, which is helpful if they want to craft the spider-form Spider Casing equipment.
  • Pigs are often equipped for supporting roles. While they can hold their own individually, they shine in groups as healers or buff builders using a combination of Mudbath, Frenzy, and Porcine Alertness.
  • The speed-boosting sidebar ability Terror Dash is often used by pigs escaping dangerous situations, or traveling across large regions of Alharth.
  • A variety of mushrooms can be found by pigs using the Truffle Sniff abilities.
  • Normally, rabbits are stealthy creatures. Using Play Dead, a rabbit can force enemies to ignore it for a few seconds. Traveling through dangerous areas, rabbits may alternate between the speed-increasing Hare Dash and the speed-reducing Long Ear, which slows a rabbit down in exchange for reducing the detection range of nearby foes.
  • Rabbits are the only Beast Form capable of using Ice Magic. A special headgear item is required to activate this synergy.
Giant Bat
  • Giant Bats have access to a variety of tools, including knock-back, recovery, heavy damage, and concussion abilities. These options made Giant Bat compatible with many skills.
  • Giant Bats can use Echolocation, which allows them to see in the dark. This ability is especially useful in area like the deeper parts of the Labyrinth in Ilmari.
  • Giant Bats also have the ability to fly, and to infect others in PVP with a disease which will eventually turn them into a bat.
  • Lycanthropy is unusual among the Beast Forms, as it is a permanent alteration. There will never be a method to remove Lycanthropy from a character, so be sure to understand the risks and rewards before accepting the blessing of Norala.
  • Individuals infected with Lycanthropy can switch between humanoid and wolf form without too much effort, however they will be locked into wolf form during the Full Moon.
  • While in wolf form, Lycanthropes have access to powerful slashing, crushing, and trauma attacks.
  • Howl Mode allows packs of wolf-form lycanthropes to build up impressive combat-improving buffs.
Spirit Fox
  • Spirit Fox are tricksters, using abilities including Dimensional Snare to immobilize targets and Blur Step to boost their melee evasion during combat. In combat, Spirit Fox deal mostly Crushing and Darkness damage.
  • Spirit Fox can use Illusive Guise to disguise themselves in a humanoid projection for a short time. This allows them to interact with Animal Hating NPCs.
Druid Forms

Beast Form Mechanics

Familiar's Recall

Icon Level Name Description Special Effects Stats Source
icon_3713.png  0 Familiar's Recall Sends you back to your master. You must be a long-term animal with a bonded master, and you must be wearing a Familiar Recall Collar. Can Be On Sidebar Power Cost: 50
Range: 5
Cooldown: 1800

Using a Recall Collar, a character using one of the Beast Forms may directly teleport to their master using the Familiar's Recall ability. This ability can be used from anywhere, as long as the player has been in animal form for the past 3 hours of in-game real time.

This ability is learned from their master:

Recall Collars

A collar for a wizard's familiar. This model is used on familiars that tend to run away. (You must be an animal to wear this collar.)
A collar for a wizard's familiar. This model is used on familiars that tend to run away. (You must be an animal to wear this collar.)
A collar for a wizard's familiar. This model is used on familiars that tend to run away. (You must be an animal to wear this collar.)
A collar for a wizard's familiar. This model is used on familiars that tend to run away. (You must be an animal to wear this collar.)
A collar for a wizard's familiar. This model is used on familiars that tend to run away. (You must be an animal to wear this collar.)
A collar for a wizard's familiar. This model is used on familiars that tend to run away. (You must be an animal to wear this collar.)
A collar for a wizard's familiar. This model is used on familiars that tend to run away. (You must be an animal to wear this collar.)
A collar for a wizard's familiar. This model is used on familiars that tend to run away. (You must be an animal to wear this collar.)
A collar for a wizard's familiar. This model is used on familiars that tend to run away. (You must be an animal to wear this collar.)

Beast Skills

Beast Speech

One of the disadvantages of becoming a Beast Form is Beast Speech. When the skill is low, random words spoken in chat will be replaced by an animal sound of the same length. For example, a cow sending "I need help, can you meet me at the Serbule Well" might be sent as "I moooo moooo, can moo meet me at the moooooooo moooo?", which is rather inconvenient! The words replaced are random, and as Beast Speech is leveled, the frequency of swapped words is reduced dramatically.

  • Spirit Fox are not afflicted with Beast Speech, as their transformation results is something not-quite a physical form.

Survival Instincts

Survival Instincts is a utility skill which provides sidebar abilities.

Beast Metabolism

Beast Metabolism is a skill used only by Lycanthropes. This skill levels as they consume the corpses of defeated enemies.


Warden is a combat skill exclusively available to Beast Forms. This skill deals Electricity, Fire, and Acid damage.

  • To learn the Warden skill you must have [Friends] or higher favor with Suspicious Cow in Eltibule, Red in Kur, or Norbert in Animal Town in Sun Vale. Speak with one of those NPCs with whom you have sufficient favor, and complete a series of quests to become a Warden

Beast Form Equipment

Look Marna, No Hands!

As an animal, you no longer have the ability to use skills that require handheld weapons, such as Sword, Fire Magic, or Shield.

  • The lack of hands also prevents animals from gathering wood and collecting milk from milkable animals.
  • Beast Forms seeking to use Necromancy or Priest will be unable to use common Necromancy Orbs or Priest Staffs. Necklaces with Necromancy Gems or Holy Symbols can be used by animals.

Crafting Equipment for Beast Forms

When magical equipment is crafted, two gemstones are required to select the skills that Treasure Effects will be generated for. While most skills have gems easily obtained through surveying, animals require an additional step, rune-infused gems.

Animal-Specific Equipment

Most Beast Forms have armor or equipment that can only be worn by that form. Usually, this includes Racial Jewelry, however some forms have armor that changes them visually. Check individual pages of the Beast Forms for complete lists of their special equipment.

  • Cows have access to crafted Champron (headwear) & Barding(chest armor), which gives them the appearance of an armored cow.
  • Deer can equip Alicorns such as , which add a centered horn to their forehead.
  • Spiders can wear crafted Spider Casings, which can change their carapace color if Decent quality or better.
  • Pigs can wear Porkpie Hats created through Tailoring.
  • Rabbit - No visual equipment.
  • Giant Bats can equip Witch Hats crafted through Tailoring.
  • Lycanthropy afflicted characters can wear a complete set of five armor pieces while in wolf form. This armor is crafted through Blacksmithing.
  • Spirit Fox - No visual equipment.

Animal Transformation


Methods of turning into a Cow

  • Receive damage from the Rage Attack Crushing Knockback Curse by Maronesa in the Crystal Cavern. Transformation begins after 120 seconds if Maronesa is still alive, or at the time of her target's death. Defeating her will remove the curse, so do not do that if you are trying to become a cow!
  • Encounter the Strange Pig during a weeklong Special Event.

Methods of removing Cow form


Methods of turning into a Deer

Methods of removing Deer form


Methods of turning into a Spider

  • Drink . (You should buy an Un-Spider Juice from the NPC at the same time!)
  • Encounter Akhisa's Herald during a weeklong Special Event.

Methods of removing Spider form


Methods of turning into a Pig

Methods of removing Pig form

  • Drink .
  • Speak a Word of Power: Cure Pigification.
  • Encounter the Strange Pig during a weeklong Special Event.

Methods of turning into a Rabbit

Obtainable during the Seasonal Events Garden Invasion, Bun-Fu Training.

Methods of removing Rabbit form

Obtainable during the Seasonal Events Garden Invasion, Bun-Fu Training.
Giant Bat

Methods of turning into a Giant Bat

  • Become infected with Fevered Trismus. If untreated, transformation after two hours.
- Bite by a Giant Bat character using Virulent Bite in a PVP-enabled area.
- Rage attacks from Disease-Crazed Giant Bat, Pet Battlebat, Sickly Giant Bat, or Angry Giant Bat.

Methods of removing Giant Bat form

Spirit Fox

Methods of turning into a Spirit Fox

Methods of removing Spirit Fox form

Beast Forms and NPCs

Not every NPC in Project: Gorgon is friendly to Beast Forms. Newly transformed Beast Forms quickly discover that many shopkeepers shun animals, refusing to speak with them. In the town of Serbule, shopping and training services once offered in humanoid form will be rescinded by Marna, Joeh, Elahil, and Tadion. If humanoid form is regained, normal access to animal-hating NPCs will return.

  • Some NPCs can be bribed to speak with animals, such as Hulon in Serbule. The method to bribe NPCs varies. Sometimes the NPCs offer a quest, at other times they want a bribe of Councils.
  • NPCs that refuse to speak to Beast Forms can be picky. They may shun only "scary" forms, usually Spider, Lycanthrope, and Giant Bat.
  • Both Spider and Spirit Fox gain access to abilities allowing them to temporarily appear humanoid.
  • Discoverable Words of Power exist that can temporarily project a humanoid form.
- Word of Power: Human Illusion ... Speaking this word makes you look like a human for 90 seconds. Townsfolk and shopkeepers will perceive you as a human and their memories will be temporarily altered so that they think you've always been a human.
- Word of Power: Elf Illusion ... Speaking this word makes you look like an elf for 120 seconds. Townsfolk and shopkeepers will perceive you as an elf and their memories will be temporarily altered so that they thing you've always been an elf.
- Word of Power: Rakshasa Illusion ... Speaking this word makes you look like a rakshasa for 150 seconds. Townsfolk and shopkeepers will perceive you as a rakshasa and their memories will be temporarily altered so that they think you've always been a rakshasa.

While some NPCs shun Beast Forms, others will only be willing to interact with them. There are Awakened animals in small camps and outposts across Alharth that offer alternative places to train and shop.

Animal Town

Animal Town is a hidden refuge in Sun Vale populated by various species of talking animals. Some of the residents are Awakened, while others are were-creatures, or were granted intelligence by unknown methods. Humans, Rakshasa, Orcs, Fairies, and Elves are forbidden from entering the town, and will be forcibly removed by the deadly Summoned Guardians.

Individuals who have recently transformed into one of the Beast Forms will find themselves unable to speak with most NPCs in Animal Town until 180 real-world minutes have been played. If you loose track of the time you transformed, Norbert the pig can tell you when the other residents will tolerate talking with you!

  • Befriending the residents of Animal Town is highly encouraged for all Beast Forms who wish to remain in their forms long-term. The NPCs of the town offer training of Beast Skills, abilities, and provide storage exclusive to Beast Forms.

Animal Outposts

Kur Mountains
North of Kur Tower on the far side of the river, a small crystal-guarded outpost run by foxes watches over the region.
Inside a cavern carved into a mountain, a group of Wardens stay safe and plan for their future. This cavern is magically-sealed to outsiders and those in humanoid forms.
In the northeast mountains of the inner ring, a small Animal Camp provides a warm refuge from the cold.

Useful NPCs to Befriend

Outside of animal-run towns and outposts, there are a few NPCs that Animal Forms should become acquainted with.

  • Flia - A fairy east of Serbule Keep, she offers shopkeeper services in any easy to reach location for lower-level Beast Forms.
  • Harry the Wolf - A Lycanthrope shopkeeper in the Serbule garden, Harry speaks with Beast Forms naturally, but requires extra effort by humanoid forms who want to converse with him.
  • Suspicious Cow - Grazing outside of Eltibule Keep, this guardian of the region offers training and shopkeeper services.
Kur Mountains
  • Along the northwestern beach, Lycanthropes Sanja and Jace Soral guard a small camp and campfire.
  • Lumpfuzz - A traveling Elven Spellhound and merchant.
NPC Shopkeepers that speak to Beast Forms
NPC Name Zone Speak Animals spoken to.
Agrashab/Sun Vale Sun Vale Yes All
Amutasa Rahu Yes All
Arlan Ilmari Yes All
Ashk the Answerer Rahu Yes All
Aven Gazluk Yes All
Azalak Serbule Yes All
Baroness Marith Felgard Serbule Hills Yes All
Bellema Deftwhisper Gazluk No
Bendith the Banished Fae Realm Yes All
Braigon Eltibule Yes Only Cow
Brianna Willer Serbule Hills Yes All
Charles Thompson Serbule Yes All
Cinnamon the rabbit Sun Vale Yes Anyone in animal form for 3+ hours
Cleo Conyer Serbule Hills Yes
Corey The Croaker Sun Vale Yes All
Dachak the Digger Povus All
Dhakmar Rahu Yes All
Dog Ear Povus Yes
Durstin Tallow Serbule Hills Yes All after bribe.
Echur Serbule Yes All
Elahil Serbule No
Eleme Sun Vale Yes All
Errruka the Benefactor Povus No
Eveline Rastin Red Wing Casino Yes All
Fainor Serbule Yes All after bribe.
Fazzi Sun Vale Yes All
Felmer Fae Realm Yes All
Ferand Deftwhisper Povus Yes All
Firaki Ilmari Yes All
Flia Serbule Yes All
Floxie Fae Realm Yes All
Gasu'um Gazluk Yes ???
George Madler Eltibule No
Gerrux Povus yes
Glajur Kur Mountains Yes All
Harry the Wolf Serbule Yes All
Helena Veilmoor Eltibule No
Hiral Sun Vale Yes All
Hirochi the Booklord Rahu Yes All
Hogan Eltibule Yes All
Hulon Serbule Yes All, after bribe.
Ichin the Ice Master Rahu Yes All
Irkima Red Wing Casino Yes All
Jace Soral Kur Mountains Yes Non-Human or Lycan
Jaime Fatholm Serbule Hills Yes All, after bribe to Durstin Tallow
Jesina Eltibule Yes No Bats, Spiders, or Wolves
(Until quest completed).
Joeh Serbule No
Julius Patton Serbule Hills Yes All
Jumjab Eltibule Yes All
Kalaba Eltibule No
Kelim Ilmari Yes All
Kib the Unkillable Red Wing Casino Yes All
Kleave Eltibule Yes All
Kodan Sun Vale Yes Anyone in animal form for 3+ hours
Kohan Rahu Yes All
Lamashu Kur Mountains No
Larsan Serbule Yes All
Laura Neth Kur Mountains No
Legs Sun Vale Yes All, if animal form 3+ hours.
Leonard Allenson Serbule Yes All
Lisi Sun Vale Yes All
Lumpfuzz Ilmari Yes All
Mandibles Red Wing Casino Yes All
Marna Serbule No
Milton Kur Mountains Yes All
Mox Warcut Gazluk Yes ???
Mushroom Jack Serbule Yes All
Nishika Rahu Yes All
Norbert Sun Vale Yes Be in animal form for 3+ hours
Otis Red Wing Casino Yes All
Pasha Ilmari Yes All
Paul Vaughn Serbule Hills Yes All
Pegast Fae Realm Yes All
Preta Sun Vale Yes All
Qatik Red Wing Casino Yes All
Ragabir Red Wing Casino Yes
Raina Fae Realm Yes All
Red Kur Mountains Yes No Scary
Richter Heavenly Sewers Yes All
Rick Snapley Gazluk Yes All
Roshun the Traitor Serbule Yes All
Rugen Rahu Yes All
Sammie Grimspine Serbule Hills Yes All
Selaxi Ilmari Yes All, after bribe
Shirogin Rahu Yes All
Sie Antry Eltibule Yes All
Sir Arif Serbule No
Sir Coth Serbule No
Sirine Rahu Yes All
Solgribue Fae Realm
Sona Gazluk Yes All
Spot Sun Vale Yes All
Strange Spider Serbule Yes All
Suspicious Cow Eltibule Yes All
Tadion Serbule No
Tavilak Red Wing Casino Yes All
The Wombat Sun Vale Yes ???
Therese Serbule Yes All
Trasen Serbule Hills ???
Tryaka Povus Yes All
Ufkar Rahu Yes All
Ukorga Kur Mountains No
Urzab Ilmari Yes All
Velkort Serbule Yes All
Vendor Fox Yes All
Way Serbule Yes All
Willem Fangblade Red Wing Casino Yes All
Wintria Irasce Rahu Yes All
Yagreet Sun Vale Yes All
Yavazek Sun Vale Yes All
Yetta Eltibule No
Yogzi Sun Vale Yes All
Zhao Rahu Yes All
NPCs that speak to Beast Forms and are not Shopkeepers
NPC Name Zone Speak Animals spoken to.
Aceri Red Wing Casino Yes All
Agrashab/Fae Realm Fae Realm Yes All
Ailred Povus Yes All
Akhisa's Herald Serbule Yes All
Alravesa the All-Hunter Ilmari Yes All
Aralorn Gazluk Yes All
Arianna Fangblade Red Wing Casino Yes All
Backfat Fae Realm Yes All
Bahdba Serbule Yes All
Barnaby Kur Mountains Yes All
Beehive Fae Realm Yes Only if Fairy
Blanche Serbule No
Bogaku Rahu Yes All
Brandon Mellus Ilmari Yes All
Broken Glowing Sphere Kur Mountains Yes All
Brugo the Wise Povus No
Casino Greeter Red Wing Casino Yes All
Cassie Kur Mountains Yes All
Chaf Springfield Red Wing Casino Yes All
Chief Glortok Rahu Yes All
Chirrra Serbule Hills Yes All
Creepy Alchemist Serbule Yes All
Crelpin Fae Realm Yes ???
Curious Creature Gazluk Yes All
Daisy (NPC) Sun Vale Yes All if animal form for 3+ hours
Daniel Murderdark Rahu Yes All
Delia Red Wing Casino Yes All
Deville Sun Vale Yes All
Dorimir Fangblade Red Wing Casino Yes All
Drima Ilmari Yes All
Dye Monster Serbule Yes All
Easter Bunny Eltibule Yes All
Elaina Sun Vale Yes All
Elmetaph Anagoge Yes All
Ensign Cricket Fae Realm Yes All
Falkrin Overstrike Ilmari Yes All
Fiddler Red Wing Casino Yes All
Fitz the Boatman Serbule Yes All
Fluffikins Gazluk Yes All
Furlak Rahu Yes All
Garad Red Wing Casino Yes All
Gershok Serbule Hills Yes All
Gisli Serbule Yes All
Gloria Stonecurl Kur Mountains Yes All
Glowing Sphere Kur Mountains
Glowing Sphere Fae Realm Yes




Gorvessa Eltibule Yes All
Gozzaroon Sun Vale Yes All
Grakelsput Povus Yes All
Gremix Ilmari Yes All
Gretchen Salas Eltibule No
Gribburn Eltibule Yes All
Gurki Kur Mountains No
Happy-Go-Lucky Bat Serbule Yes All
Hemmit Magmagrip Gazluk Yes ???
Ishiko Povus Yes All
Ivyn Serbule No
Jake the Buckler Sun Vale Yes Cows, Pigs, Wolves, Deer, Bats.
Janet Lews Kur Mountains No
Jara Serbule No
Jaw Serbule Yes All
Jopol Red Wing Casino Yes All
Jumper Sun Vale Yes All, if animal for 3+ hours.
Jurl the Boatman Serbule Yes All
Justin Fargold Povus Yes All
Kalrod Red Wing Casino Yes All
Katarina Eltibule
Kimeta Povus Yes All
Kimoc Red Wing Casino Yes All
Kinira Red Wing Casino Yes All
Kuzavek Red Wing Casino Yes All
Lady Alethina Red Wing Casino Yes All
Lady Windsong Rahu Yes ???
Lakrea Rahu Yes All
Lana Songtree Serbule Hills Yes All, after bribing Durstin Tallow.
Landri the Cold Kur Mountains Yes All
Lawara Anagoge Yes All
Leah Bowman Povus ?
Legacy Item Replacer Serbule Yes All
Lincha Povus Yes All
Loche Red Wing Casino Yes All
Lugnir Serbule Yes All
Makara Ilmari Yes All
Malgath Kur Mountains Yes All
Malvol Eltibule Yes All
Melandria Gazluk Yes All
Merriana Serbule Hills ???
Message Starfish Sun Vale Yes All
Midge the Apothecary Fae Realm Yes All
Mirror Gazluk Yes All
Mittens Kur Mountains Yes ???
Moku Povus Yes All
Mope Povus ???
Moxie Red Wing Casino Yes All
Mu Serbule Yes All
Mythander Eltibule Yes
NPCs by Area
NPCs by Special
Nelson Ballard Serbule No
Nightshade Kur Mountains Yes ???
Nissim Ilmari Yes All
Noita the Green Fae Realm Yes All
Norbert/Strange Pig Serbule Yes All
Ogamboe Fae Realm Yes All
Oritania Eltibule No
Orran Red Wing Casino Yes All
Pennoc Serbule Yes All
Percussa Rahu Yes All
Percy Evans Eltibule Yes All
Pickles Kur Mountains Yes ???
Poe Serbule Yes All
Puffy Ben Sun Vale Yes All
Quest Hag Kur Mountains Yes All
Raim Red Wing Casino Yes All
Rappanel Serbule Hills Yes All, after bribing Durstin Tallow.
Ratuk the Thinker Kur Mountains Yes ???
Raul Sun Vale Yes All, if in animal form for 3+ hours.
Rayar Red Wing Casino Yes All
Records Golem A Anagoge Yes All
Records Golem B Anagoge Yes All
Records Golem C Anagoge Yes All
Records Golem D Anagoge Yes All
Ricatu Povus Yes All
Riger Anagoge Yes All
Riston Red Wing Casino Yes All
Rita Serbule No
Rohina Sun Vale Yes All
Rubi Kur Mountains Yes All
Sanja Kur Mountains Yes All
Sarina Eltibule Yes All
Selphie Serbule No
Sem Gazluk Yes All
Sentient Flame Serbule No
Sergeant Ultaka Rahu Yes All
Serrold Red Wing Casino Yes All
Shala Povus Yes All
Sheyna Rahu Yes All
Shovel Dispenser Fae Realm Yes All
Silvia Sun Vale Yes All
Sir Johnson Ilmari Yes All
Snowleaf Kur Mountains Yes All
Squidlips Sun Vale Yes All
Stables Golem Serbule Hills ? ?
Stephie Blackhammer Povus Yes All
Stulza Rahu Yes All
Sugar (NPC) Kur Mountains Yes Animals Only
Syndra Kur Mountains Yes All
Tangle Kur Mountains Yes All, but he finds wolves scary
Tantai Red Wing Casino Yes All
Teleportation Attendant Red Wing Casino Yes
The Bat in the Hat Yes All
The Sand Seer Ilmari Yes All
Thedar Red Wing Casino Yes All
Thimble Pete Eltibule No
Three-Eyes Rahu Yes All
Torana Red Wing Casino Yes All
Torgan Gazluk Yes All
Trekker Gazluk Yes All
Tremmond Blackhammer Povus ?
Tyler Green Serbule Hills Yes ???
Ultashk Eltibule Yes ???
Umarak Povus Yes All
Urglemarg Sun Vale Yes All
Uriana Fae Realm Yes All
Verac Red Wing Casino Yes All
Viedesi Sun Vale Yes All
Voo Serbule Yes ???
Wobbuk Povus Yes All
Yalox Eltibule Yes All
Yasinda Eltibule Yes ???
Yoy Serbule Yes All
Yurra Serbule Yes All
Zealo Serbule Yes All
Zeratak Serbule Yes All

General Tips for Beast Forms

  • It is advised that new characters wait to become a Beast Form, especially a Lycanthrope, until they have explored Serbule, Serbule Hills, and Eltibule. For characters with low-level Combat Skills, transforming into a Beast Form and losing access to many shopkeepers and other services can be a surprise. Until favor is built up with NPC Shopkeepers that speak to animals, income and progress will likely temporarily plummet.
  • If a Beast Form sounds fun to try, it may be wise to obtain a method of removing the form before transformation. If an unprepared character drinks a , they will need to fight their way through the entire Serbule Crypt to reach the NPC selling the ... or rely on a helpful adventurer.
  • Beast Forms stack. If a Rakshasa cursed by Maronesa into a Cow drinks a , they will transform into a Deer and loose access to have Cow abilities active in combat. When they drink an , they will return to Cow form instead of Rakshasa. If that Rakshasa also happens to be a Lycanthrope, they will be forced from either Cow or Deer forms into wolf during the full moon. When the moon ends, they will return to whichever form they were before the moon phase began.
  • A common method to improve Beast Speech is to send a message in a private channel every five minutes or so. This will raise Beast Speech without Global having to hear sentences of just Moo/Baa/Naa which can happen at very low levels of Beast Speech.
  • Newly transformed Beast Forms may have a surplus of armor after exploring a dungeon, as they no longer have access to Joeh as a shopkeeper. The Orc merchant Roshun the Traitor, living in a building near the Eltibule portal, speaks with animals and buys equipment.
  • Although most storage-offering NPCs in Serbule shun animals, storage spaces unlocked on them while in humanoid form can be accessed from the bookshelf in the building between Marna and Hulon's shops. (Note: This may change in the future).


  • Beast Forms (and specifically Cow at first), were at first 'a fluke' by the Developers.

Citan originally only intended the Beast Forms to be a very temporary curse, intended only as 'punishment' and to be cured ASAP.
He was surprised to find that certain players wanted to continue playing in their animal forms, and subsequently the different animal forms and their abilities and playstyle were further developed.