Broken Glowing Sphere

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Broken Glowing Sphere
It's glowing. Looks kinda broken.
On the middle level.
Ascended Sphere
Beast Speak:
Speaks With:

No need to commence with prostration and supplication. I am dying.

The Broken Glowing Sphere is a Himamanav Deity which once ruled over the middle level of the Yeti Cave. Although it claims to be dying, it is still able to summon magical items and perform teleports.

No need to commence with prostration and supplication. I am dying.

Huh. What are you dying of?

I was thrown from a high place by a foolish Himamanav who wishes to be treated as a god. I am damaged. I estimate remaining life at 291 years -- a blink of an eye. The Himamanav should not worship me. They are other, more permanent gods. But not Urraghur: he's just a jerk.

I'm not a Himamanav.

Oh. Well it would be very evil of you to kill Urraghur, outsider. Just because he is a plague upon our people, a worthless speck... no I would never condone murdering any Himamanav. Although since I am dying, I could hardly stop you...

Uh huh. And this Urg-whatever guy, where is he?

At the top of the nearby hill. He stands in my place, demanding worship.

Got it. Well, I'll go talk to him.

He will simply attack you on sight.

Okay, that's fine too. Bye.

Upon murdering Urraghur.

I am dying. Urraghur has destroyed my ancient place of honor and...

Yeah, yeah. He's dead now. All done.

Outsider, you have done a great evil to the Himamanav. I shall punish you by making you carry these heavy magic items.

Huh. Okay. Thanks.

Now perhaps it is time for you to go. I can teleport you to the surface, if you are ready.

Sure, get me out of this cave!
(You are returned to the entrance of the dungeon).
No, I'm still exploring. Thanks, though.